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East Suffolk

List of articles added to this site

Articles are posted to this website in the relevant subject area (for example, "News and views" under "Europe", or "A liberal miscellany" under "Liberal Democrat Thinking"). The following list shows the latest articles from all categories:

  • Caroline Page
    Article: Jun 24, 2019

    Be a Councillor Campaign

    The equal participation of women and men in local politics, as our elected councillors and as our leaders, is an important condition for effective democracy and good governance. The Be a Councillor Campaign is based on the belief that local authorities, and political parties and groups, can do the best for their communities when they truly represent their place. Today, none of the combined authority mayors are female, and overall -, they make up only a fifth of political leaders, and a third of local authority chief executives - despite 76 per cent of employees in the local government workforce being female.

  • Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson [Boris Johnson]
    Article: Jun 18, 2019


    By Jon James

    With little sign that any of the Tory candidates for PM have any more idea of how to resolve the destructive, self inflicted trauma that is Brexit than the retiring incumbent, the public is forced to sit on the sidelines as the tories indulge in their own internecine warfare to choose a new Leader.

  • Chuka Umunna (Chris McAndrew [CC BY 3.0 (]
    Article: Jun 14, 2019

    Chuka joins the lib dems

    Chuka Umunna, the Streatham MP has formally joined the Liberal Democrats after switching from the Labour Party to form a new political group. His decision is a most welcome one and the Party will be hoping that with a need to continue strengthening and uniting the anti Brexit forces to counter the worst that a new Brexit Government will do under a No Deal PM, Chuka's arrival will encourage other passionate internationalists with Liberal values to follow. The Liberal Democrats will not be too hard on Chukka for his past utterances about the Lib Dems in a Coalition Government as they were shared by some members and ex members and the Party has many current former members of the old parties who left to join the SDP. The current PPC for Streatham Helen Thompson has publicly welcomed Chuka's decision which is a good sign that there will be a positive response locally

  • Ed Davey
    Article: Jun 12, 2019

    the election for the leader of the liberal Democrats party

    Liberal Democrat members, (and there are now over 105,000 since the beginning of May) now have the opportunity to elect a new Leader following the decision by Sir Vince Cable to step down.

    The two nominated candidates Ed Davey and Jo Swinson are engaged in a a series of campaign events and hustings meetings up and down the UK.

  • Official portrait of Norman Lamb
    Article: Jun 10, 2019

    Congratulations Sir Norman Lamb M.P.

    North Norfolk Liberal Democrat MP, Norman Lamb has been knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honours announced on Friday, June 7

    Currently chair of the science and technology select committee, Norman Lamb was the Party's Health Minister under the Coalition Government and championed the cause of mental health and getting parity with physical health, a cause he is "passionate" about.

    Article: Jun 7, 2019


    17,000 have joined the Liberal Democrats since the beginning of may.

    the party has received the backing of THOUSANDS OF NEW voters in local and European elections and THE PARTY is riding high.

    The Party (of REMAIN) will soon be electing a new Leader.

    If you haven't already joined the Liberal Democrats then you have 1 day left until 11.59 TONIGHT (Friday) to ensure that you can exercise your vote in the Party's Leadership elections...

  • OECD AND ATD Fourth World (OECD AND ATD Fourth World)
    Article: Jun 4, 2019

    In 2016-2019, ATD Fourth World, in partnership with Oxford University, conducted a participatory international research project called "The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty". The project took place in six countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, France, Tanzania, the United Kingdom and the United States. People living in poverty, professionals and academics worked together to clarify how we understand poverty and its multi-dimensional aspects.

  • Schools Image ALDC (Image ALDC)
    Article: May 30, 2019



    Schools which remain with their council are more likely to keep a good or outstanding Ofsted rating than those which become an academy, a new report by the Local Government Association reveals.

    The report, published by Angel Solutions and commissioned by the LGA, looks at how primary and secondary schools' Ofsted grades have fared over the past five years, comparing those which remained council-maintained to those that academised. It also found that schools that were rated as requires improvement or inadequate were more likely to become good or outstanding if they remained council-maintained and did not convert to an academy

    By looking at an overall sample of 12,814 schools which remained maintained, and 4,033 schools which academised, compared from February 2014 to February 2019, the report found:

    • 90 per cent (9,400) of schools remaining council-maintained have kept their good or outstanding rating, compared to 81 per cent (2,275) of schools which converted to academies

    • 88 per cent (2,048) of schools requiring improvement or judged inadequate in February 2014 which remained maintained became good/outstanding in 2019, compared with 59 per cent (723) of schools which converted to academies

    • 41 per cent (502) of schools requiring improvement or judged inadequate in February 2014 which converted to academies still had the same rating in February 2019.

    As part of its #CouncilsCan campaign, the LGA is calling for councils to be allowed to intervene and improve all types of school found to be inadequate - regardless of whether it is a maintained school or academy. Under current rules, councils are stopped from helping, even in cases where a failing school cannot find an academy sponsor.

    Maintained schools with inadequate Ofsted judgements, which are considered to be failing, now have to become sponsor-led academies. These are schools taken over by an academy chain, or multi-academy trust (MAT) identified by the Department for Education.

    LGA Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Cllr Howard Sykes said:

    "We all aspire to seeing children get an education of the highest quality, whether that is in an academy or a council-maintained school. These findings clearly show that staying under council control delivers better results for a school than those which convert to an academy. "Not only do more schools keep a good or outstanding rating if they remain maintained, but a significantly greater proportion are being turned around from struggling or failing into highly performing and successful schools.

    "While academisation might be the answer in some cases, it is not always the best solution. "Councils have an excellent track record in improving schools, and need to be given the necessary powers to intervene and support schools."

    Source: LGA Lib Dems - May 29, 2019

    View the full report.


    Article: May 29, 2019

    Many thanks to all those who voted for the Liberal Democrats in the local elections and in the European Parliament Elections in East Suffolk


    East Suffolk District Elections

  • Amnesty Knife Bin Suffolk Constabulary (Suffolk Constabulary)
    Article: May 29, 2019


    With the UK registering 100 knife crime fatalities this year, knife crime in Suffolk revealed offences involving blades have gone up 25% in five years. Data published by the Home Office showed the number of offences involving sharp instruments went up from 159 between September 2012 and September 2013, to 198 in the 12 months to September 2018.

  • EU Flag plus LD emblem (LIberal Democrats)
    Article: May 27, 2019

    LIBERAL Democrats ride high in EU vote with 16 MEPs including 2 in the East

    Lib Dems take second place in East Suffolk as Tories and Labour trail in 4th and 5th place

    The Lib Dems were rewarded across the UK for their clear, consistent and unambiguous pro EU, anti Brexit campaign in the Euro elections. With a total of 16 MEPs, the Party topped the poll in London and secured a clear second place in most regions securing its rightful place as the clear leader of REMAIN.

  • Vince Cable twitter page
    Article: May 24, 2019

    Party Leader, Sir Vince to step down on July 23rd.

    Sir Vince with our Felixstowe Branch last year

    In his message to party members today after the polls for the EU Parliamentary elections closed, Vince Cable announced that he would be stepping down as Party Leader in July.

    Thanking the party volunteers and supporters for their work over two elections he said, "Our campaigning over the last three years has kept the cause of remaining in the European Union alive, and I now believe we have a strong chance of stopping Brexit. When the votes are counted on Sunday, I expect us to do well. Our long and proud tradition of success in local government was revived this month by the best local election results in our party's history. In the last two years, we have gained 780 more council seats and 15 new councils. Membership is at record levels with a strengthening base of supporters amongst students and young people.

  • Vince Cable
    Article: May 22, 2019

    Tonight, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable addressed activists on the eve of poll in Cambridge.

    He was expected to say:

    Tomorrow Remainers have the chance to send a message to the Tories and Labour who have so bitterly let the country down over the past three years. Theresa May's legacy will be three years of leaderless squabbling and wasted opportunities.

    Every Liberal Democrat elected tomorrow will be a strong voice for a People's Vote and remaining in the EU.

    We have seen members of other parties pledge to support the Liberal Democrats because of our clear message that the people should have the final say. We are the strongest remain party and tomorrow we can deliver.

    We are proud to say that every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit. Liberal Democrats activists have knocked on over 800,000 doors through this campaign, and tomorrow we will be out again working hard from dawn to dusk to deliver the result this country needs.

    Tomorrow Remainers can punish the Conservatives and Labour for letting them down and strike a hammer blow to the heart of Brexit.

    Winning in th East of England.

    Article: May 20, 2019

    Why become a supporter?

    The Liberal Democrats are changing.

    Politics is utterly broken right now. Labour and the Conservatives are being dragged to the ideological extremes, leaving millions feeling powerless and frustrated with the direction our country is taking.

    That needs to change. Liberal Democrats will be that force of change.

  • LIBDEMS.ORG (Lib Dems .org)
    Article: May 20, 2019


    THURSDAY 23RD MAY 2019


    Thursday is polling day, and we have a great chance of gaining the most seats of any Remain party. To win those seats we need to make sure that we get out our voters.


    Article: May 18, 2019

    The Trussell Trust network of foodbanks provided a record 1.6 million food parcels to people in crisis over the past year. More than half a million of these went to children.

    According to the Trust the scale of hunger in the UK is unprecedented with the number of food parcels provided by our network soaring by 73% in the last five years. One of the main providers of foodbanks, the Trussell Trust are not the only source of emergency food issued by charitable groups therefore these figures do not represent the full scale of the problem in the UK.

  • Article: May 5, 2019

    On Monday 6 May(Bank holiday Monday) we launch our "Hello Suffolk!" campaign. Please join Jules Ewart and other campaigners at one of our local Pop-Up events organised specifically for YOU:

    • Woodbridge, 11am - outside Costa Coffee, Thoroughfare
    • Ipswich, 1pm by the '?' Art Work at Suffolk Uni on the Waterfront
    • Needham Market, 3pm - Station Yard, Needham Market
    • Halesworth and Southwold, 5pm - The Plough Inn, London Road, Wangford, Beccles NR34 8AZ
    • Lowestoft, 7pm - Norman Warrior Pub (Lib Dem member owned), Fir Lane, Lowestoft NR32 2RB

    The gatherings will last for around 40 mins to an hour. Meet candidates and find out more about the Suffolk European election campaign and how you can take part.

    Please make the effort to join us. Be assured the project is not overwhelming but it does require our local resources to carry it out. For more details please call me on 07770 666604 or reply to this email.

    Alternatively call your local party chair or the Suffolk Chair, John Shreeve on 07483 322821.

    We also encourage as many members as possible to take part in the Action Weekends (link) being hosted by Cambridge and Norwich on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

    Kindest wishes,

    Jules Ewart 
European Election Candidate for Eastern Region and PPC for Suffolk Coastal

    M. 07770 666604 

  • Ballot box
    Article: May 4, 2019

    RESULTS.. RESULTS.. RESULTS.. RESULTS.... from Thursday's Local Elections - East Suffolk District Council

    Headline: Congratulations to our Lib Dem District Councillors in Southwold (David Beavan), Martlesham & Purdis Farm (Edward Thompson) and Woodbridge (Kay Yule)!

    East Suffolk Turnout was 34.4% overall, with the highest ward 56.2% and the lowest 22.4%

  • Ballot Box
    Article: May 1, 2019





    IS ON


  • EU campaign 2019
    Article: Apr 26, 2019



    THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS EASTERN REGION LIST FOR THE EU ELECTIONSEastern Region European election campaign team

    1 Barbara Gibson
    2 Lucy Nethsingha
    3 Fionna Tod
    4 Stephen Robinson
    5 Sandy Walkington
    6 Marie Goldman
    7 Julia Ewart

  • Greta Thunberg in 2018 CC BY-SA 4.0 (Jan Ainali CC BY-SA 4.0 OCT 18)
    Article: Apr 24, 2019

    I know many of you don't want to listen to us - you say we are just children... You don't listen to the science because you are only interested in solutions that will enable you to carry on like before.

    Here is the full text of Greta Thunberg's speech to Parliament yeterday, via the Guardian:

    My name is Greta Thunberg. I am 16 years old. I come from Sweden. And I speak on behalf of future generations.

    I know many of you don't want to listen to us - you say we are just children. But we're only repeating the message of the united climate science.

    Many of you appear concerned that we are wasting valuable lesson time, but I assure you we will go back to school the moment you start listening to science and give us a future. Is that really too much to ask?

    In the year 2030 I will be 26 years old. My little sister Beata will be 23. Just like many of your own children or grandchildren.

    That is a great age, we have been told. When you have all of your life ahead of you. But I am not so sure it will be that great for us.

    I was fortunate to be born in a time and place where everyone told us to dream big; I could become whatever I wanted to. I could live wherever I wanted to.

    People like me had everything we needed and more. Things our grandparents could not even dream of. We had everything we could ever wish for and yet now we may have nothing.

    Now we probably don't even have a future anymore.

    Because that future was sold so that a small number of people could make unimaginable amounts of money. It was stolen from us every time you said that the sky was the limit, and that you only live once.

    You lied to us. You gave us false hope. You told us that the future was something to look forward to. And the saddest thing is that most children are not even aware of the fate that awaits us. We will not understand it until it's too late. And yet we are the lucky ones. Those who will be affected the hardest are already suffering the consequences. But their voices are not heard.

    Is my microphone on? Can you hear me?

    Around the year 2030, 10 years 252 days and 10 hours away from now, we will be in a position where we set off an irreversible chain reaction beyond human control, that will most likely lead to the end of our civilisation as we know it.

    That is unless in that time, permanent and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society have taken place, including a reduction of CO2 emissions by at least 50%.

    And please note that these calculations are depending on inventions that have not yet been invented at scale, inventions that are supposed to clear the atmosphere of astronomical amounts of carbon dioxide.

    Furthermore, these calculations do not include unforeseen tipping points and feeback loops like the extremely powerful methane gas escaping from rapidly thawing arctic permafrost.

    Nor do these scientific calculations include already locked-in warming hidden by toxic air pollution. Nor the aspect of equity - or climate justice - clearly stated throughout the Paris Agreement, which is absolutely necessary to make it work on a global scale.

    We must also bear in mind that these are just calculations. Estimations. That means that these "points of no return" may occur a bit sooner or later than 2030. No one can know for sure.

    We can, however, be certain that they will occur approximately in these timeframes, because these calculations are not opinions or wild guesses.

    These projections are backed up by scientific facts, concluded by all nations through the IPCC. Nearly every single major national scientific body around the world unreservedly supports the work and findings of the IPCC.

    Did you hear what I just said? Is my English OK? Is the microphone on? Because I'm beginning to wonder.

    During the last six months I have travelled around Europe for hundreds of hours in trains, electric cars and buses, repeating these life-changing words over and over again.

    But no one seems to be talking about it, and nothing has changed. In fact, the emissions are still rising.

    When I have been travelling around to speak in different countries, I am always offered help to write about the specific climate policies in specific countries. But that is not really necessary. Because the basic problem is the same everywhere. And the basic problem is that basically nothing is being done to halt - or even slow - climate and ecological breakdown, despite all the beautiful words and promises.

    The UK is, however, very special. Not only for its mind-blowing historical carbon debt, but also for its current, very creative, carbon accounting.

    Since 1990 the UK has achieved a 37% reduction of its territorial CO2 emissions, according to the Global Carbon Project.

    And that does sound very impressive. But these numbers do not include emissions from aviation, shipping and those associated with imports and exports. If these numbers are included the reduction is around 10% since 1990 - or an an average of 0.4% a year, according to Tyndall Manchester.

    And the main reason for this reduction is not a consequence of climate policies, but rather a 2001 EU directive on air quality that essentially forced the UK to close down its very old and extremely dirty coal power plants and replace them with less dirty gas power stations. And switching from one disastrous energy source to a slightly less disastrous one will of course result in a lowering of emissions.

    But perhaps the most dangerous misconception about the climate crisis is that we have to "lower" our emissions. Because that is far from enough. Our emissions have to stop if we are to stay below 1.5-2C of warming. The "lowering of emissions" is of course necessary but it is only the beginning of a fast process that must lead to a stop within a couple of decades, or less. And by "stop" I mean net zero - and then quickly on to negative figures. That rules out most of today's politics.

    The fact that we are speaking of "lowering" instead of "stopping" emissions is perhaps the greatest force behind the continuing business as usual.

    The UK's active current support of new exploitation of fossil fuels - for example, the UK shale gas fracking industry, the expansion of its North Sea oil and gas fields, the expansion of airports as well as the planning permission for a brand new coal mine - is beyond absurd.

    This ongoing irresponsible behaviour will no doubt be remembered in history as one of the greatest failures of humankind.

    People always tell me and the other millions of school strikers that we should be proud of ourselves for what we have accomplished. But the only thing that we need to look at is the emission curve. And I'm sorry, but it's still rising. That curve is the only thing we should look at.

    Every time we make a decision we should ask ourselves; how will this decision affect that curve? We should no longer measure our wealth and success in the graph that shows economic growth, but in the curve that shows the emissions of greenhouse gases. We should no longer only ask: "have we got enough money to go through with this?" but also: "have we got enough of the carbon budget to spare to go through with this?" That should and must become the centre of our new currency.

    Many people say that we don't have any solutions to the climate crisis. And they are right. Because how could we?

    How do you "solve" the greatest crisis that humanity has ever faced? How do you "solve" a war? How do you "solve" going to the moon for the first time? How do you "solve" inventing new inventions?

    The climate crisis is both the easiest and the hardest issue we have ever faced. The easiest because we know what we must do. We must stop the emissions of greenhouse gases. The hardest because our current economics are still totally dependent on burning fossil fuels, and thereby destroying ecosystems in order to create everlasting economic growth.

    "So, exactly how do we solve that?" you ask us - the schoolchildren striking for the climate.

    And we say: "No one knows for sure. But we have to stop burning fossil fuels and restore nature and many other things that we may not have quite figured out yet."

    Then you say: "That's not an answer!"

    So we say: "We have to start treating the crisis like a crisis - and act even if we don't have all the solutions."

    "That's still not an answer," you say.

    Then we start talking about circular economy and rewilding nature and the need for a just transition. Then you don't understand what we are talking about.

    We say that all those solutions needed are not known to anyone and therefore we must unite behind the science and find them together along the way.

    But you do not listen to that. Because those answers are for solving a crisis that most of you don't even fully understand. Or don't want to understand.

    You don't listen to the science because you are only interested in solutions that will enable you to carry on like before. Like now. And those answers don't exist anymore. Because you did not act in time.

    Avoiding climate breakdown will require cathedral thinking. We must lay the foundation while we may not know exactly how to build the ceiling.

    Sometimes we just simply have to find a way. The moment we decide to fulfil something, we can do anything. And I'm sure that the moment we start behaving as if we were in an emergency, we can avoid climate and ecological catastrophe. Humans are very adaptable: we can still fix this. But the opportunity to do so will not last for long. We must start today. We have no more excuses.

    We children are not sacrificing our education and our childhood for you to tell us what you consider is politically possible in the society that you have created. We have not taken to the streets for you to take selfies with us, and tell us that you really admire what we do.

    We children are doing this to wake the adults up. We children are doing this for you to put your differences aside and start acting as you would in a crisis. We children are doing this because we want our hopes and dreams back.

    I hope my microphone was on. I hope you could all hear me.


    Source: Lib Dem Voice from Guardian 23/4/2019

  • Karl Reine skolegutt.jpg CCBY-SA4.0 A six year old boy with Downs Syndrome on his first day at school (Share-ALIKE 4.0 Int CC By-SA 4.0)
    Article: Apr 18, 2019



    Data published today by the National Education Union reveals that 93% of local authorities across England have faced a funding shortfall for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This has resulted in losses of invaluable support staff, increased waiting times for SEN assessments and cuts to specialist provision.

  • Tom Brake
    Article: Apr 15, 2019

    BRITAIN SHOULD BE A LEADER IN EUROPE, NOT A LEAVER says Brexit Spokesperson, Tom Brake MP

    The local election campaign is in full swing and we should keep concentrating on that but the country is unable to park Brexit for its duration whilst the current crisis continues.

    Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake has made an invaluable contribution to the Party's campaign on Brexit and to the thinking as a pro-European and internationalist political party. We are happy to reproduce this for our readers.

  • New ES Wards (Boundary Commission for England)
    Article: Apr 12, 2019

    East Suffolk District Council Wards & Candidates A-W

    The campaign to ensure that the newly formed East Suffolk District Council is not a repeat of the one party monopoly that previously dominated the Suffolk Coastal Council, is well underway. The postal votes have been delivered and decisions are being made about which candidate or candidates to support for the District, Town and Parish Councils. Naturally, we hope that there will be a change of power and direction with progressive voices leading the way to a better balanced Council willing to listen, consult and involve residents in future developments and major plans.

  • By-election celebration
    Article: Apr 9, 2019

    Congratulations to all our new Town and Parish Councillors

    Town and Parish Councils rarely attract the limelight and attention of higher authorities.

    It is nevertheless always sad to see so many local Town and Parish Councils unable to find individuals willing to put themselves forward for public office. In Suffolk we are not exempt from this situation and the consequences are that many local Councils have to function with vacancies. With fewer pairs of eyes and ears to scrutinise local plans and developments, decisions taken at a higher level may fall short for want of a voice on the ground.

  • Lib dems Demand Better (Lib Dems)
    Article: Apr 3, 2019

    Campaign for the East Suffolk District Council

    East Suffolk Liberal Democrats Launch their Election Campaign

    On Thursday May 2nd voters have the chance to help form a new District Council following the merger between the Suffolk Coastal and Waveney Councils.

    It is a chance to acheive a far better balanced Council with all 55 Councillors playing a full part in helping make the decisions in the best interests of their electors and all residents across the 29 massively enlarged electoral Wards.

  • CC BY-SA 2.0 Devan Hsu (Delta eEectronics EV charger)
    Article: Mar 31, 2019

    Suffolk and Norfolk County Councils have no formal plans for electric charging points says LGA Lib Dems FOI survey

    According to a recent Freedom of Information request by LGA Lib Dems, Suffolk andf Norfolk are two of 107 councils** in England and Wales that have no plans to expand their network of charging points for electric vehicles.

  • Reactor
    Article: Mar 28, 2019

    East Suffolk Lib Dems publish their response to the 3rd stage of the Sizewell C Consultation

    Suffolk Coastal Liberal Democrats - now East Suffolk Liberal Democrats (ESLD) - made a submission to the Stage 2 of the Sizewell C Consultation in 2017. At that time, they did will not comment on the need for a new nuclear power station at Sizewell, limiting comments to the proposals made by EDF Energy in its consultation document, in case consent for Sizewell C is granted.

  • March March 2019 Lds (Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Mar 26, 2019

    UK citizens took to the streets, the silent, peaceful Petition soared and Parliament called time on the Tory war.

    As Parliament takes control of the Brexit options, the pressure on the P.M. Government and MPs continues to build to take No Deal off the table and for the people to be given the opportunity to decide the UK's future relationship with the EU.

  • Revoke Article 50
    Article: Mar 21, 2019

    Petition to cancel BREXIT passes 1m 3m 5m signatures on Parliament site


    A petition calling for Theresa May to cancel Brexit by revoking Article 50 has passed a million signatures and was approaching 1.1m at 4pm on Thursday. By 3pm Friday 22nd the figure had passed 3.3m. On Sunday afternoon it topped the 5m. Most of the Suffolk constituencies had recorded around 8k signatures; someway to go to beat Bristol West with over 31k signatures and running.

  • Sir Vince Cable MP
    Article: Mar 18, 2019

    Sir Vince Cable makes his final Spring Conference speech as Leader

    " we are committed to tackling the underlying causes of Brexit. "

    " What is democracy if it is not the right for a country to change its mind?"

    " It is dividing families, communities, and even the United Kingdom and sucking the energy out of government.

  • World Autism Week
    Article: Mar 17, 2019

    World Autism Awareness Week 1-7 April 2019

    World Autism Awareness Week 2019 is taking place between the 1st and 7th April with World Autism Awareness Day also falling in the same week on Tuesday 2nd April.

    The aim is to make the week bigger and better than ever with the intention to help create a society that works for autistic people everywhere.

  • 2 minutes to midnight Ryanicus GirraficusCC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain
    Article: Mar 16, 2019

    Parliament has been driven to the very cliff edge over Brexit.


    .......................*This is a dead Brexit Deal, - this Brexit Deal is stone Dead, - this Deal is no more, - it has ceased to be! 'I's expired and gone to meet 'is maker!


  • Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils proposed merger
    Article: Mar 14, 2019

    The 2019 Campaign for the East Suffolk District Council

    On April 1st 2019 the new East Suffolk District Council starts its work across the combined areas previously served by the Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils. It remains to be seen whether the new authority lives up to its much heralded title of 'Super' but what is certain - this new Council's elected members must demonstrate that they are willing to listen and consult the people that they serve. With the total number of Councillors almost halved and the size of the Wards enlarged it will become increasingly difficult for residents to hold their elected representative to account

  • Peoples Vote
    Article: Mar 13, 2019

    March to give the People a Vote - 23 March

    On 23rd March the Liberal Democrats will be marching on the streets of London demanding a People's Vote.

    It's what Liberal Democrats have been calling for since day one.

    Theresa May has wasted over two years, stubbornly sticking to her red lines and refusing to seek a consensus across the parties. At the eleventh hour and with days to go until we could crash out of the EU without a Deal she has brought the Parliament to its knees and left the divided Country facing the biggest crisis for several generations.

  • CllrPaul Light (Cllr Paul Light)
    Article: Mar 13, 2019

    Independent Waveney Councillor paul light joins the Liberal democrats

    Today we are pleased to welcome Waveney District Cllr Paul Light to the Party. Former Independent Councillor Paul brings with him a long and distinguished period of public service as Councillor representing the residents of the Carlton Colvile seat on Waveney District Council and Carlton Colville Town Council.

  • Social care image
    Article: Mar 7, 2019

    'Council Tax Rises in 2019/20 will not bring in enough money to prevent the need for further cutbacks to the care that millions of older and disabled people rely on every day'.(LGA March 2019)

    Suffolk County Council like other councils are able to raise council tax by up to 2.99% in 2019/20 to fund local services without the need for a referendum. This is the final year however that social care authorities are able to levy an extra social care precept **, which must be spent on adult social care services.

    Article: Mar 7, 2019

    Put the Brexit deal to the people

    #PutItToThePeople March

    In partnership with the Independent's Final Say campaign

    Join us on 23rd of March for the 'Put It To The People March' to make the calls for a People's Vote too loud to ignore.

    On the 23rd of March, just six days before the Government hopes to take Britain out of the EU, hundreds of thousands of people will march on Parliament offering a solution to a crisis that threatens their living standards, businesses and jobs. We demand a People's Vote, and come 23 March, it could be a case of now or never.

  • Theresa May
    Article: Mar 5, 2019

    East of England towns offered £25m 'Brexit Bung'

    First it was £1bn to the DUP to keep her Government in power now its Brexit 'Bung' money to cash strapped poorer towns. English towns are to get a £1.6bn funding boost over a seven year period as part of a package of measures clearly aimed at winning MPs support for Theresa May's Brexit deal.

  • 2 minutes to midnight Ryanicus GirraficusCC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain
    Article: Feb 28, 2019

    30 Days to Go - Better Late than Never...

    By JON jAMES

    Better late than Never - Pro Europe Tory and Labour MP's leave their Pro-Brexit led parties and their stubborn tribal leaders.

    Better Late than Never - 'She of the red lines' and 'Brexit means Brexit' on March 29th, plans to leave a final decision to ask the EU to extend Article 50 until Tuesday 19th March.

  • Children drawing
    Article: Feb 28, 2019

    Leading Children Charities reporting Children's Services Now at a Tipping Point

    Unless the Government heeds the consistent and increasingly urgent warnings that children's services are now at a tipping point, and uses the upcoming Spending Review to deliver a long-term strategy, councils will be unable to meet the growing need for support from some of the most vulnerable children in society." says Cambridge Councillor Lucy Nethsingha, Lib Dem Spokesperson for Children and Young People's Services.

  • International Women' Day 2019campaignmage (International Women's Day)
    Article: Feb 25, 2019


    Campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter

    Liberal Democrat Gathering To Celebrate


    Riverside Café, Woodbridge, IP12 1BH


    10.30 - 12 noon

    Coffee & Delicious Cake £5.00 (payable to the Cafe on the day)

    We are delighted to invite our membership, followers and friends of the Suffolk Coastal Constituency to share coffee* and & cakes whilst meeting each other and listening to some special Women from Suffolk share their day. County Cllr.Cro Page will be one of those sharing her morning. Attendance is open to simply anyone who may enjoy celebrating International Women's Day. We have capacity for around sixty guests, so kindly arrange your diary to join us soonest for this 'pop-up' event. If you've never visited the Riverside Café before you'll enjoy this special cinema site. Handily the rail station is next door but do say if we can help with a lift. (*tea is available)

  • Transport Vouchers
    Article: Feb 21, 2019


    As the Chancellor announces its largest January borrowing surplus meaning Government finances were in surplus by £14.9bn last month; the largest January surplus since records began in 1993, we report on the funding crisis for public transport services.

  • Brexit Bus
    Article: Feb 17, 2019

    As the Tory and Labour Leaders dance around their Pro-Brexit handbags and put Party before Country, major Brexiteers plan a quick exit and move their fortunes out of harm's way.

    Last September we highlighted the reality of the Brexiteers promises when they promised an easy pain free exit from the EU. As many of us knew it was just us that was going to experience all the pain.

  • Social care image
    Article: Feb 12, 2019

    50,000 older people have now died waiting in vain for care during the 700 days since the Government first said it would publish a Care Green Paper.

    This is one of the conclusion drawn from a survey just released by Age UK

    Amongst the other findings are that:

    • over the same period, in excess of half a million older people (626,701) have had their requests for social care refused, and 7,240 older people have had the terrible experience of running down all their savings because of their care bills, leaving them reliant on the state to fund their care in future and with nothing to leave for loved ones after their death;

    • In addition, during the same 700 day period, 1,263,844 older people have developed an unmet need, such as being able to wash or dress. This is 1,805 developing an unmet need every day.

  • 5 day wait for UC (Trussell Trust)
    Article: Feb 12, 2019

    People are struggling to stay afloat while they wait at least five weeks for Universal Credit

    Food banks across the country tell the Trussell Trust that under the new benefits system, Universal Credit, people are struggling to stay afloat while they wait at least five weeks for the first payment. This isn't right.

    That's why the Trussell Trust is asking the government to end the five week wait and for everyone who agrees to be part of our new #5WeeksTooLong campaign - will you join them?

    We're a country that prides itself on making sure proper support is in place for each other when help is most needed - that's why we created our fire service, our health service, our benefits system.

    But the new benefits system, Universal Credit, isn't the poverty-fighting reform that was promised. More and more people are moving onto it, having to wait five weeks for a first payment, and being forced to food banks as a result.
    The five week wait needs to end.

    The Trussell Trust is asking everyone who thinks the government should end the five week wait to come together with food banks, charities, faith and community groups to be part of the new #5WeeksTooLong campaign.

    Together, we can show how damaging the five week wait is and demand change from those in charge.

    Join the campaign today!


  • Article: Feb 9, 2019

    Our District Councils handed £35,000 to spend over two years to prepare for a No Deal!

    The Government's generosity has no bounds as local councils, struggling to even run just the most basic services are handed derisory payments and told to prepare for the shambles that is the Tory Brexit.

    Year upon year the Conservative Government has eroded local government down to the bare bones. Facing huge funding gaps in the most basic of services, it is now being asked to squeeze its budgets for a No Deal Brexit!

  • Back Artic 50 JC (Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Feb 6, 2019

    Meet the Brexit class of 2019

    Student Theresa May

    Theresa May

    Grade: F

    Making a total mess of Brexit

    Suffered the biggest ever Government defeat in the House of Commons

    Refuses to give the people the final say on her Brexit deal

    Jeremy Corbyn

    Grade: F

    Refuses to back a People's Vote

    Says Brexit will go ahead if he is Prime Minister

    Called for Article 50 to be invoked the day after the referendum

    Student Jeremy Corbyn

    Student Liberal Democrats

    Liberal Democrat MPs

    Grade: A

    ✔︎Campaigning to give the people the final say on Brexit for more than two years

    ✔︎ More than 200,000 people are backing their campaign for a People's Vote

    ✔︎ Believe Britain is better off in Europe

    Theresa May and the Conservatives are making an absolute mess of Brexit.

    And Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party are helping make Brexit happen.

    There is still time to stop Brexit, but we have to act now before it is too late.

    The Liberal Democrats have been fighting for two and a half years to give the people the final say on the Brexit deal.

    With your help, we have changed the conversation on Brexit and defeated the Government in Parliament 23 times.

    If you want a people's vote, help us fight for it.


  • Halesworth Bus Cuts (East Suffolk Lib Dems)
    Article: Feb 6, 2019

    For the latest on this story read postscript at the end.

    Halesworth Bus Services to Norwich and Southwold face cuts

    Residents in the Halesworth area, reliant on local bus services to allow them to socialise, get to hospital appointments and other essential appointments are facing the prospect of having to use taxis and depend the goodwill of friends once bus company Konectbus withdraws it service to Norwich from March 31st.

  • Demand Better Brexit Dec 2018 (by Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Feb 6, 2019

    'We are focused on delivering an outcome which betters the lives of British people - whether they voted to Leave or to Remain'.

    How the Government responded to the recent Petition:

    The Government is clear we will not have a second referendum. We continue to approach cross-party meetings in a constructive spirit, with a commitment to deliver the referendum result.