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East Suffolk

List of articles added to this site

Articles are posted to this website in the relevant subject area (for example, "News and views" under "Europe", or "A liberal miscellany" under "Liberal Democrat Thinking"). The following list shows the latest articles from all categories:

  • Jo Swinson quote
    Article: Oct 18, 2019

    Boris Johnson announced yesterday that he has agreed a Brexit deal with the EU. But the fight to stop Brexit is far from over. If the Johnson deal passes the UK is heading for 'fairly hard' Brexit.

    Lib Dem Leader Jo Swinson MP said, The proposed deal will be bad for our economy, bad for our public services and bad for environmental standards. Just like every version of Brexit, this is a bad deal. Johnson's deal is nowhere near as good as the deal we have now, as a member of the EU. That is why I am more determined than ever to stop Brexit. That is why Liberal Democrats will be arguing that any deal should go back to the public in a People's Vote.

  • page1image21435472.jpg
    Article: Oct 15, 2019

    Orange flag white

    Halesworth and District Lib Dems Group present

    Confessions of a Spin Doctor

    Wednesday 23rd October 2019

    'The Stables' at the rear of 'The Angel Hotel, Halesworth at 7.00 PM

    Wine and nibbles will be provided.

    Please RSVP to or tel 07483322821

    Whitehall's longest serving communications director, Simon MacDowall who served six secretaries of state and seven permanent secretaries in three government departments (1999-2011) will entertain and inform us with an illustrated talk on the realities of balancing the interaction between politics and the news media. He will also reflect on the rapidly changing communications landscape and its impact on modern political discourse in the current political climate.

  • Peoples vote march 2019
    Article: Oct 15, 2019


    Next Saturday, as Parliament sits for the first time on a Saturday in 37 years to try and sort the Brexit mess, a massive People's Vote march will be taking place. MPs will be able to hear the end of the rally in Parliament Square

    The Lib Dems will be marching in support of a People's Vote with the very clear aim to stop Brexit.

  • Reactor
    Article: Oct 11, 2019

    Sizewell C

    East Suffolk Lib Dems response to Stage 4 Consultation

    The local East Suffolk party which covers the area of the East Suffolk District Council has submitted its response to EDF Energy on what is expected to be the final stage of the Sizewell C consultation process.

    East Suffolk Liberal Democrats (ESDL) has made clear its opposition to the proposal to construct a new nuclear power station at Sizewell via EDF's previous consultations. ESLD oppose the proposal in its entirety because the construction of a new power station will cause significant environmental, economic and social damage to the local and wider East Suffolk area:

  • World Mental Health Day 10th Oct
    Article: Oct 9, 2019



  • Save Our Buses
    Article: Oct 9, 2019

    Lib Dems respond to Chancellor's infrastructure funding announcement on an investment in roads and the creation of a national bus strategy

    "With the number of bus journeys at the lowest level in over a decade, a national bus strategy is an important step towards improving local bus services. For it to succeed, it has to be backed by financial support to local areas said LGA Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Councillor Howard Sykes.

  • Brexit isnt working#StopBrexit
    Article: Oct 7, 2019

    Brexit continues to cause damage to the economy

    Every day that passes since the 2016 Referendum, the UK is hit by its consequential impact, locally, nationally and internationally. Brexiteers can continue to claim that the decision to Leave has had nil impact on the country's economy and jobs but the evidence is clear, the UK is no longer the welcoming, open nation and individuals are taking action to protect their lives, their businesses and investments and the future of their families. This reckless Brexit government are hellbent on dragging us out into the cold just as the impact of Johnson's fellow traveller Trump's trade war begins to bite and recessions loom. There is only one way to stop the damaging uncertainty and that is to STOP BREXIT and Revoke Article 50. We are still only at stage one in what will continue to be an endless war of words and bitter negotiations for years to come. For everyone's sake. Liberal Democrats are saying - end this mess now and REMAIN in the EU with the best Deal we have ever had.

    Article: Oct 5, 2019

    Demand For Food Banks Soars In Areas The Longer Universal Credit Exists, New Analysis Reveals

    Trussell Trust chief says the benefits programme is "pushing people into debt, homelessness and destitution."

    Based on a report in the Huffington Post UK by Aasma Day

    In areas where Universal Credit has been implemented for at least a year, demand for food banks has increased 30%, a new report from the Trussell Trust reveals.

  • Gary Kitching (East Suffolk Lib Dems)
    Article: Oct 4, 2019

    United Against Crime - the Liberal Democrats Crime and Policing Policy

    A Partnership Approach to building Communities that are Safe and Feel Safe

    By GARY KITCHING - October 4th 2019

    After 9 years of Conservative Government our public services are failing. Effective public services are critical for communities to grow and prosper. They are essential part of the community partnership that will support an environment where people are well educated, properly supported and are safe and feel safe. Within this partnership a key player is Police Service whose primary missions are the promotion of community safety and protecting the vulnerable.

  • Chuka Ummuna
    Article: Oct 1, 2019

    Chuka Umunna explains the Lib Dem position on votes of no confidence

    This post, taken from Chuka Umunna's Facebook page and will be of interest to many visitors to this site, some of whom have expressed their concern that Liberal democrat votes will put Jeremy corbyn into No10 albeit temporary.

    'I've read with some interest talk about a Vote Of No Confidence in the Government being tabled this coming week by the SNP in Parliament.

  • City of LondonCC-BY-SA-4.0 by Theregan (CC-BY-SA-4.0 Theregan Creative Commons CC0 License)
    Article: Sep 25, 2019

    Casualties of Brexit

    (Extracted from an article on the (see also link at the end of document)

    According to the Tory Government, Brexit will have a positive effect on our country's future and economy. Furthermore we are continually being told that there have not been the predicted negative impacts since the 2016 Referendum.

  • Lib dems Join (Lib Dems .org)
    Article: Sep 16, 2019

    The super-rich are also importing more luxury cars ahead of the Brexit deadline reported the Guardian (12/8) In order to avoid tariffs that might be introduced following a hard Brexit more than 3,800 luxury cars were imported in the past year, a 16% increase on the previous 12 months, according to the law firm Boodle Hatfield.

  • 2019 Conference Agenda (
    Article: Sep 13, 2019

    Federal Conference of Liberal Democrats - Bournemouth 14th - 17th September 2019

    What's on Monday and Tuesday at Lib Dem Conference

    The decision by the Scottish Judges to declare that the Johnson Brexit Government's decision to Prorogue Parliament last Monday was unlawful, means that the Liberal Democrats will be able to take centre stage from Saturday to complete their Autumn Conference before the Supreme Court announces it decision on Tuesday.

  • 2019 Conference Agenda (
    Article: Sep 12, 2019

    Emergency Motion on Europe be debated on Sunday 15th September which we were unable to preview earlier has now been published.

    Emergency Motion: Stop Brexit

    Mover: Tom Brake MP (Shadow Cabinet Member for Exiting the EU).

    Conference notes that:

    A. The Conservative Government have made a mess of Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party have been helping them to deliver this destructive Brexit.

  • James Sandbach Lib Dems PPC CSNI (East Suffolk Lib Dems)
    Article: Sep 12, 2019

    JAMES SANDBACH is Lib the DEMS prospective parliamentary candidate for CENTRAL Suffolk & NORTH IPSWICH

    James Sandbach is a Town Councillor for Saxmundham who stood for the Lib Dems in Suffolk Coastal in the last two General Elections, and has also been a Parliamentary candidate in Essex and London.

  • Bournemouth UK Finot Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic (Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic)
    Article: Sep 10, 2019

    Federal Conference of Liberal Democrats - 14th - 17th September 2019

    What's on Saturday and Sunday at Lib Dem Conference?

    As Boris Johnson pursues his 'Bullingdon Club' tactics, shuts down parliament and plots to avoid complying with the new No Deal Brexit law, Liberal Democrats will be beginning their four days in the spotlight and hopefully enjoying some sunshine. Already buoyed by stunning electoral successes and with six additional MP's since the last Conference plus 60,000 new members and supporters, the Party is ready present to the Country an alternative to chaos, a disintegrating Brexit Government and a Tory Party Leader and Prime Minister devoid of moral and parliamentary authority

  • Demand Better
    Article: Sep 9, 2019

    Roll back the cuts to Woodbridge & district's vital bus services 64 and 800

    You can read more and sign the petition here:

    At the beginning of September, First buses cut completely their hourly 800 park and ride extension which provided a fast service to central Ipswich from Woodbridge and Rendlesham.

    At the same time the company made significant changes to the the timetabling and route of their complementary 64 route: the buses no longer stop at the Woodbridge Peterhouse estate, and the last bus leaves Ipswich an hour earlier (at 17.50). Early-morning buses are also affected, as is hospital travel.

    First declare this is because these services were under-used. We, the passengers who use them, deny this. The services were both well-used and vital to many people with few or no transport choices. They were, however, under-advertised (the 800 did not even carry the Woodbridge -Rendlesham destinations on the six maps that were posted inside each bus).

    The impact of these cuts is immense. Timetable and route changes mean that workers are finding difficulties travelling to and from work. Disabled and elderly people, and young parents with buggies are having to walk up to 25 min to a stop. It is no longer possible for non-drivers to visit patients in Ipswich hospital in the evening.

    We ask that these cuts and changes be immediately reversed!

    Thanks to your support this petition has a chance at winning! We only need 150 more signatures to reach the next goal - can you help?

    Thankyou for signing this Petition

    Take the next step!


  • better
    Article: Sep 8, 2019

    Lib Dems Bournemouth Conference - Demand Better

    Saturday 14th to Tuesday 17th September 2019 - Bournemouth International Centre

    The Agenda and programme for the Party's Autumn Conference has been published and over the coming days we will review some of the Agenda for our readers.

    Members can still pre-register for this Conference at

  • Lib dems Join (Lib Dems .org)
    Article: Sep 6, 2019

    "So we want an election before the end of the year but I'm afraid we can't trust the Prime Minister to abide by the law of the land and request an extension to negotiations with Europe. So we need to hold his feet to the fire until he does and until we have seen an end to the no deal aspirations of this reckless Prime Minister. That means waiting until November before we choose a new Parliament" (Willie Rennie).

  • KeizersgrachtReguliersgrachtAmsterdam CC BY-SA 3.0 Massimo Catarinella (CC BY-SA 3.0 Massimo Catarinella)
    Article: Sep 5, 2019

    Almost 100 companies have left and another 325 companies worried about losing access to the European market are considering a move to the Netherlands.

    BREXIT - They said it wouldn't happen..

    Almost 100 companies have already relocated from Britain to the Netherlands or set up offices there to be within the European Union due to the United Kingdom's planned departure from the bloc, according to a Dutch government agency. A further 325 companies worried about losing access to the European market are considering a move, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency said in a Reuters report.

  • Peter Aldous MP By (Creative Commons 3.0 Unported)
    Article: Sep 4, 2019

    Your MP's - Peter Aldous Conservative MP for Waveney

    Local farming MP Peter Aldous, who went from Remain to "an exciting future" under Theresa May's Leave Deal and now supports his failing Premier's No Deal, Leave at any cost prospectus, claims to represent the interests of farming and fishing...

    Whilst raising the issues of the sustainability of the seas and concerns of small scale fishermen in the House, he now pursues a course of No Deal which will neither protect UK waters from 'foreign' fishing, sustain fish stocks or from the devastating impact of EU import tariffs on UK farm exports as his Government plans to open the door to foreign food imports including chemically washed chicken from the US. So much for, "this new partnership should ensure that Britain retains sovereignty over a number of areas; and in particular for Waveney the areas of fishing and farming, which for local businesses, farmers and fishermen is a key concern which has been expressed to me".

  • Phillip Lee (Chris McAndrew [CC BY 3.0 (])
    Article: Sep 3, 2019

    Pound picks up from a slump not seen since 2016, after Tory MP defects to the Liberal Democrats.

    The Liberal Democrats have gained another MP in former Tory, Philip Lee who crossed the floor of the House at the start of a critical week for parliament and the country and when fears for a no deal Brexit were forcing the currency closer to parity with the dollar and the Euro.

    Article: Sep 1, 2019

    ORGAN DONATION WEEK - 2nd - 8th September

    For one week, the UK celebrates those who donate organs, and therefore those who save
    lives. It draws attention to the subject of organ donation, and encourages more
    and more people to get involve, and help save someone's mother, child or friend.

    As the NHS website says Organ Donation Week is always a highlight of the year for a
    wonderful week of activity to shine a light on the generosity of donors and the
    incredible impact they have on transplant recipients, and an opportunity to
    educate, inform and inspire people, to help save and improve more lives.

  • Boris Johnson
    Article: Aug 30, 2019

    A Prime Minister elected by 0.25% of the 66m British people, with no majority or mandate, resorts to 'Bullingdon Club tactics' to close down Parliament in order to trash the Country.

    Silencing Parliament - Will we hear the People sing?

    'The Weimar Republic was a failed democracy, but ... democracies fail in different ways. We can't expect a direct re-run. But there are echoes, even if they are not yet audible to most voters. By the time we hear them, we may no longer be in a position to do anything about it'.

  • Off portrait of Dr Thérèse CoffeyAttribution 3.0 Unported Chris McAndrew (Attribution 3.0 UnportedChris McAndrew
    Article: Aug 26, 2019

    Local MP answers concerns about the social and economic impact of a No Deal Brexit upon Suffolk Coastal

    A local constituent (who is not a member of the Liberal Democrats) recently asked local Tory MP, Theresa Coffey for her 'assessment of the economic and social implications (both intermediate and longer term) for the Suffolk Coastal area should a no deal exit from the EU be the outcome'.

  • Lucy Nethsingha MEP
    Article: Aug 22, 2019

    Lucy Nethsingha now chair of the EU Legal Affairs Committee

    As reported by Jennifer Rankin in the Guardian(21August), our Lib Dem MEP for the East, Lucy Nethsingha**, is one of a handful of British MEPs voted into a leading role on European parliament committees, which play a significant role in EU lawmaking.

  • Now
    Article: Aug 21, 2019

    Meet the Liberal Democrats in the Suffolk Coastal Constituency -

    An opportunity to engage with the Party, find out more about, who we are are, what we stand for, so why not come and meet us?

    Share your concerns & hopes for your local community and country

    Meet with Jules Ewart - Prospective Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Suffolk Coastal

  • Daniel-Poul ter-960x640. OGL 3 (OGL 3 public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.)
    Article: Aug 18, 2019

    Your MP's - Daniel Poulter Conservative MP for Central Suffolk & North Ipswich

    'There is now no place in the Conservative Party for those committed to remaining in the EU, a Suffolk MP said on 5th September after seeing 21 of his MP colleagues cast off'.

    Like so many of his constituents who out of necessity have more than one job, Dr Poulter MP also has two jobs, holds up a questionable track record on tackling climate change and consistently voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability

  • Plastic waste
    Article: Aug 17, 2019

    Lib Dem run South Lakeland District Council runs a 'Fill Up' free drinking water campaign with local businesses to reduce plastic waste and promote a healthier lifestyle

    Liberal Democrat run South Lakeland District Council is showing how a well run Council can harness the local community to help reduce plastic pollution with it's Fill Up campaign asking businesses to offer free drinking water to encourage people to fill reusable bottles rather than buy a single-use plastic water bottle.

    The initiative aims to cut plastic pollution and improve people's health by increasing access to drinking water, while also saving residents money.

    Participating businesses simply have to display a window sticker, which is provided by the Council, to show members of the public they can fill their water bottle for free.

    Around 40 organisations from across the district are already part of the scheme. One of those businesses is Bandito Burrito in Windermere, owner Ewan Murdock said: "We are trying to do our bit to reduce the amount of plastic we use.

    "Not only are we showing our support for Fill Up, but we no longer sell plastic bottles or use food pots or cutlery made of plastic."

    The council say the response to the campaign has been positive, however, the authority is asking for more businesses to support the project.

    SLDC's Health, Wellbeing and Financial Resilience Portfolio Holder, Lib dem Councillor Suzie Pye, said: "This council is passionate about the environment. Fill Up is a fantastic way of reducing single-use plastic bottle waste and it saves people money, while also encouraging residents to stay hydrated and healthy when they are out and about in South Lakeland.''

    More information on the campaign can be found at


  • Jo Swinson later to JCpp1
    Article: Aug 16, 2019

    Jo Swinson 's reply to Jeremy Corbyn

    The Liberal Democrats have been working with Labour for some time and we will support a vote of No Confidence. We will continue to campaign for a People's Vote to give the British people the final say on Brexit and we are happy and keen to talk with the Labour leader but any new Prime Minister must command the support of the majority of the House.

  • Jo Swinson new Lib Dem leader
    Article: Aug 15, 2019

    Jo Swinson MP - leader of the liberal democrats

    "I stand ready to work with anyone to stop Boris Johnson and his hard-line Brexit government"

    to read Jo Swinson full speech click here

    In her first main speech since becoming leader Jo Swinson MP stood alongside new Lib Dem MP

    Sarah Wollaston and made it clear that she would work with all parties to stop Brexit including supporting a 'vote of confidence' but any plan for a temporary leader of an 'emergency government' had to command the confidence of the House something she doubted the Opposition Leader would be able to achieve, based upon his record on Brexit.

  • Off portrait of Dr Thérèse CoffeyAttribution 3.0 Unported Chris McAndrew (Attribution 3.0 UnportedChris McAndrew
    Article: Aug 11, 2019

    Your MP's -Thérèse Coffey Conservative MP for Suffolk Coastal

    The Minister of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

    Twice stood for the European Parliament, the MP who backed Remain in Referendum, voted against ruling out a no-deal Brexit, 'signs up' to Boris' pledge to leave the EU with NO Deal and gets promoted.

  • * File:Spreader AF.jpg * Created: 20 August 2007 (CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication Ryanicus Girraficus)
    Article: Aug 8, 2019

    Rural Crime has hit a seven-year high, costing the UK £50m in 2018

    In its annual study of offences against farmers and rural businesses, the insurer NFU Mutual found rural crime in 2018 was up 12% on the previous year.

    The report showed that Lincolnshire and Essex are among the three UK counties worst affected by rural crime. Essex suffered the most agri-vehicle theft in the country, and Norfolk saw a 99.5% increase in the cost of crime.

  • Jane Dodds
    Article: Aug 2, 2019



    Jane Dodds wins the Welsh by-election for the Lib Dems and REMAIN


    Jane Dodds - Liberal Democrat - 13,826 (43.5%) JANE DODDS M.P.

    Chris Davies - Welsh Conservative - 12,401 (39.0%)

  • Jane Dodds
    Article: Jul 29, 2019

    Lib Dems get Remain Parties support in PM's first by-election test.

    By Jon James

    With a hard right, No Deal Brexit Government about to hit the public with a publicly funded 'Leave' information campaign evoking the war time spirit and aimed at convincing us to get ready to 'fight on the beaches' against the evil that sits across the channel, De Pfeffel Johnson is already out on the stump making promises to marginal seats he probably doesn't intend to keep. One can only hope that his new Chancellor is keeping tabs on his funding promises or the supposed Tory war chest will soon evaporate, let alone the £39bn owing to the EU that he intends to pocket.

  • Jo Swinson - Lib Dem leader
    Article: Jul 26, 2019

    Lib Dems membership surge continues

    Buoyed by the latest polls showing the Party in close second place, continuing to win seats from other parties and with Labour continuing to hemorrhage support we may be beginning to see a real shift in support for a centre ground, liberal values based alternative to the populist, nationalism, lies and false promises of the Brexiteer ministers now decamped in No 10 Downing Street.

  • Boris Johnson
    Article: Jul 24, 2019

    Bullingdon boy handed the keys to wreak havoc on the country's economy

    'Britain deserves better than Boris Johnson" says new Lib Dem Leader Jo Swinson.

    By Jon James

    A country long admired for its governance, stability and sense of fair play and an ability to expose the machinations of mavericks, adventurers and liars has just handed the keys to No 10, to the UK's own modern day Don Quixote, a man who has spent a journalistic lifetime 'tilting at EU windmills'. An individual, so obviously unsuited to the task of Prime Minister that we can only conclude that Brexit fatigue, the national obsession with reality tv shows and government by social media has been embedded into our political system.

  • Jo Swinson
    Article: Jul 22, 2019

    Jo Swinson elected as new Liberal DemocRAt Party Leader.

    Following one of the cleanest, respectful and positive political party leadership elections, Jo Swinson MP was declared the new Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

    The Scottish MP for East Dunbartonshire and former Business Department minister topped the poll of members in the election to succeed Sir Vince Cable as Party Leader and becomes the party's first women leader.

  • Ella MullinsCommons Attribution 2.0 Generic (Ella MullinsCommons Attribution 2.0 Generic)
    Article: Jul 21, 2019

    Build 100 more affordable homes for rent for local familes in Southwold Ward

    before the next local elections in 2023 - SIGN THE PETITION

    Why is this important?

    Southwold is dying because local people are being priced out of homes by holiday lets. Two thirds of homes are holiday lets. The average house price is 21 times the average wage. We need 100 more affordable homes to rent quickly before our community dies.

    David Beavan, local LIb Dem District Councillor for Southwold said, "Our average age is 65. We want to hear children playing on our greens again. We want a vibrant community that welcomes visitors but is not banished by them. The government still subsidies second home owners who pay no rates. Local homes are developed into five bedroom holiday lets. Cleaners are bussed in. This is social apartheid".

    East Suffolk Council say that we have enough affordable homes, when we hear 40 local people applied for one last week. We need 100 as soon as possible in Southwold Ward which includes Reydon and Walberswick, but definitely before the next Council elections in 2023.
    As seen on Anglia TV on Friday evening.

    To sign the petition: click on the link here:


  • All our yesterdays
    Article: Jul 20, 2019

    50 years ago today:


    50 years later:


    • Nearly 1/2 of the world's population - more than 3 billion people - live on less than $2.50 a day.

    • More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty - less than $1.25 a day.

    • 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty.

    • According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty

  • Police Funding graphic
    Article: Jul 19, 2019

    Government has cut funding to police forces, including Suffolk by 6%

    Lib Dem HQ analysis this week, broken down by police force, on Home Office stats' reveal the Government has cut funding to police forces by 6% in real terms between 2015-16 and 2019-20.:

    Liberal Democrat analysis of new Home Office figures, published this week, has revealed that the Conservative Government cut funding to Suffolk Police Force by 6% in real terms between 2015-16 and 2019-20.

  • Jo Swinson MP and Ed Davey MP at NW Leadership Hustings
    Article: Jul 18, 2019

    Four days left to vote for our next leader

    July 18, 2019 5:01 PM
    Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

    There's just four days left to cast your ballot in the Liberal Democrat leadership election

    All ballots must be cast by 1pm on Monday 22nd July to count.

    It's quick and easy to vote - all you need are your Unique Voting code - which has been emailed or posted to you - and this website:

  • No to Boris Yes to Europe
    Article: Jul 17, 2019

    Anti-Brexit March for Change protest in London on Saturday

    Anti-Brexit campaigners are taking to the streets of central London this weekend with a simple message - 'no to Boris yes to Europe'.

    The March for Change has been organised by grassroots groups fighting against Brexit. The organisers say they want to send a clear message to the new prime minister, country and world that the people want Brexit to be stopped.

  • All our yesterdays
    Article: Jul 16, 2019




  • Dementia Care
    Article: Jul 14, 2019

    Dementia patients have spent almost £15billion funding their own care since an overhaul was pledged over two years ago

    People with dementia have spent £15bn of their own money on care in the last two years because of government delays in reforming the system, according to the Alzheimer's Society. Theresa May had promised a Green Paper on social care by the summer of 2017, but it has still not appeared.

  • Jo Swinson MP and Ed Davey MP at NW Leadership Hustings
    Article: Jul 5, 2019

    Less than one in ten can name the Liberal Democrat leadership candidates

    According to a recent YouGov poll the vast majority of Lib Dem voters couldn't identify the two Liberal Democrats candidates standing for election as the new party leader.

    The Lib Dems have certainly been getting a significant increase in TV and radio coverage of late even if the partisan press continue to pretend that the Party doesn't exist. Since the Party has been seen hitting 20% and more in the national opinion polls following big advances in the local and European Parliament elections, the national and regional media spotlight may be about to start turning to the next Liberal Democrat leader. Unsurprising the Conservative leadership contest is absorbing all the media oxygen but a the recent YouGov poll says the new Lib Dem leader 'could still have a substantial impact on politics over the coming years.. Despite this, just a tiny fraction of the public can identify the two candidates to be leader'.

  • VEHICLE IDLING CC BY-SA 2.0 (Eli Duke -, CC BY-SA 2.0)
    Article: Jul 3, 2019


    Liberal Democrats secured a victory with the Government confirming they are looking at implementing Lib Dem MP, Wera Hobhouse's bill, which would strengthen local authority powers on idling

    The Environment Minister, and Suffolk Coastal MP, Thérèse Coffey, was asked if the Government would consider implementing the Vehicle Emissions (Idling Penalties) Bill that was presented to the Parliament last week.

  • Deforestation_2074483b.jpg CC-BY-SA-4.0 (Dikshajhingan Deforestation_2074483b.jpg CC-BY-SA-4.0)
    Article: Jul 1, 2019

    10 years ago, hundreds of the world's biggest companies made a promise to end forest destruction by 2020. With only a few months left, they are nowhere near this goal.

    We are living through a climate and wildlife emergency. One million species are at risk of extinction and people all over the world are already feeling the effects of climate crisis - from devastating floods to deadly fires.

  • Caroline Page
    Article: Jun 24, 2019

    Be a Councillor Campaign

    The equal participation of women and men in local politics, as our elected councillors and as our leaders, is an important condition for effective democracy and good governance. The Be a Councillor Campaign is based on the belief that local authorities, and political parties and groups, can do the best for their communities when they truly represent their place. Today, none of the combined authority mayors are female, and overall -, they make up only a fifth of political leaders, and a third of local authority chief executives - despite 76 per cent of employees in the local government workforce being female.

  • Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson [Boris Johnson]
    Article: Jun 18, 2019


    By Jon James

    With little sign that any of the Tory candidates for PM have any more idea of how to resolve the destructive, self inflicted trauma that is Brexit than the retiring incumbent, the public is forced to sit on the sidelines as the tories indulge in their own internecine warfare to choose a new Leader.