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East Suffolk

List of articles added to this site

Articles are posted to this website in the relevant subject area (for example, "News and views" under "Europe", or "A liberal miscellany" under "Liberal Democrat Thinking"). The following list shows the latest articles from all categories:

  • Empty Homes
    Article: Dec 12, 2018

    New rules brought in by the Government last month have given councils the powers to ramp up the Council Tax on homes which have been empty for more than two years. It is increasingly felt that substantially increasing Council Tax will hopefully encourage owners to either bring the properties up to date and into use, or sell them if they cannot afford any necessary repairs and renovations.

    Under the change in the law which came into force on 1st November, councils will be able to charge more council tax for long term empty properties. Currently, it is believed there are 200,000 properties standing empty in England.

    There is a national housing crisis with 1.6 million families on waiting lists for what was used to call council housing however the future East Suffolk District Council is proposing to add just 50% to the full charge for properties empty for 2 years or more but only after 2 years.

    Compare this with Teignbridge in Devon where there is a proposal for a Quadruple Council Tax levied on long-term empty homes. Teignbridge proposals include doubling Council Tax from next April for homes empty for more than two years. In 2020, that would rise to triple council tax for homes empty more than five years and from 2021, homes left vacant for more than 10 years would pay four times the standard Council Tax rate for the property. Some exemptions from the new rules would apply. In cases where the person is the sole or main resident in armed forces accommodation they would not be charged extra.

    "Under schemes run by councils like Teignbridge, help and support can be provided to bring houses back into use and lift the burden the owners' shoulders. 'Sometimes people inherit a property and may not be in a position to manage it. said Lib Dem Councillor Connett. An extra £68,500 next year, rising to £153,600 in three years time could be raised in Teignbridge who would in turn would keep around 10 per cent of the extra money it collected. "Personally, I would like to see any extra money from the empty homes Council Tax put into local housing support services such as tackling homelessness and bringing empty homes back into use" said Cllr Connett.

    Against this background apparently the joint authority meeting of East Suffolk DC recently passed the following policy regarding Council Tax as follows

    Empty and unfurnished properties 100% discount for two weeks then full payment

    Empty and uninhabitable properties 25% discount for 12 months then full payment

    Long term empty more than 6 months and less than 2 years 100% charge no discount

    Long term empty 2 years or more additional 50% added after 2 years

    Second homes no discount 100% charge


    1. Since 1 April 2013, local authorities in England have been able to charge a premium of 50% on the full council tax charge, and that a further change to the law has now been made to allow councils to raise this premium.
    2. The legislation allowing this to happen became law on 1 November 2018 and is contained in the Rating (Property in Common Occupation) and Council Tax (Empty Dwellings) Act 2018. A key intention of this is to encourage owners of empty properties to bring their properties back into use.
    3. Empty properties attract squatters, vandalism and anti-social behaviour; can be a blight on the local community; and can affect the value of the properties around them.
    4. 1.6 million households are on social housing waiting lists, long-term empty properties are a wasted resource.
    5. An empty property for council tax purpose is defined as a property that is 'unoccupied and substantially unfurnished'.
    6. Currently there are just over 200,000 long-term empty dwellings in England compared to 300,000 in 2010. The number has reduced since 2013, when councils were given powers to charge a 50% premium under the Coalition Government - so applying a premium has been a successful incentive in tackling empty homes.
    7. The law introduced incremental increases that can be applied to reflect the length of time that properties have been empty. From April 2019 properties that have been empty for more than 2 years can be charged a 100% council tax premium. By April 2021, properties empty for more than 10 years will be liable for a 300% council tax premium.


  • Brexit banners (East Suffolk Lib Dems)
    Article: Dec 10, 2018


    As the shambolic negotiations by HM Government reach a crisis point and businesses pull their hair out in utter desperation at further vacillation by a Prime Minister out of control, 54% of people* said that they would stay in the EU if the 2016 Referendum were held now.. the Liberal Democrats step up their campaign for a People's Vote with Action Days and Roadside Banners across Suffolk and the Region.

  • Human Rights Day
    Article: Dec 7, 2018


    Human Rights Day is 10th December 2018 and this year is the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    As Lib Dems we know that we have to be vigilant to ensure that our own human rights are not put at risk and we know there's still a way to go to get many countries to comply with the vital charter.

  • Nursing home Norway Bjørkan CC BY-SA 3.0 (Thomas Bjørkan CC BY-SA 3.0)
    Article: Dec 4, 2018

    Our experience as carers looking after a family member in Suffolk

    Following our recent feature on the Carer's Rights Day at the end of November we received the following response from one of our readers...

    "No matter how many carers rights days or other days, the role of the family carer is totally mis-understood, underfunded and in general ignored by the government. This is particularly so when the person cared for has mental health problems.

    Article: Dec 3, 2018

    Day of Action - Suffolk Events

    People's Vote Day of Action - Ipswich Street Stall

    The People's Vote have called for an Action Day on Saturday 8th December & the Suffolk EU Alliance are in Ipswich doing our (cross party) bit to support remaining in the EU.

    Last week, Theresa May said the country faces three choices: Her deal, no deal, or no Brexit. Even her own ex-Brexit Minister has said No Brexit is better than her deal! Now, with the first vote on the deal imminent in Parliament, we need to be out promoting "No Brexit" via a People's Vote. We've already seen independent economic forecasts which show that the government's deal will leave us poorer, with less money for our public services.

  • Holly Berries 2016
    Article: Dec 2, 2018

    A Message to Theresa May - 'You are in a hole so please stop digging!'

    By Jon James

    Dear Prime Minister

    No amount of arm twisting by your Government's Whips or promises of honours to wavering Tory MPs is going to change the way that parliament votes on December 11th. Almost a third of your MPs are planning to vote down 'your deal', two of your appointees handling the negotiations have already resigned along with several other members of your government; your party is in turmoil. The unedifying internal domestic disputes over Europe which have plagued your Party for decades continue to play out in public. Your Party's survival should not be your overriding concern at a time of national crisis. As you must have heard on your flying visits, the country at large is in danger of becoming so battle weary after over two years of these shambolic negotiations to listen to any of the counter arguments.

  • Houses of parliament & Westminster Bridge
    Article: Dec 1, 2018

    Give us a real debate

    A debate between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn would be a debate between two cosy Brexiters.

    The public deserve to hear all the options on Brexit. Giving the people the final say, including the option to remain, is the only real alternative to the national embarrassment of Brexit.

    We need to pressure the BBC and ITV to include the Liberal Democrats in any debate to put the case for giving the people the final say on Brexit.

    Find out how here:

    Step 1: Tweet the broadcasters

    Tweet ITV & BBC now

  • World Aids Day
    Article: Nov 26, 2018

    World Aids Day

    On Saturday 1st December millions of people, internationally, will be supporting the 30th Anniversary of World AIDS Day.

    Globally, 35 million people have died from HIV and AIDS and there are still around 36.7 million people living with HIV. There has been a fall in the number of diagnoses in the UK, however it is vital that we all remain vigilant and keep awareness of the stigmas and discrimination that are still around and show our commitment to stamping out AIDS for good!

    Article: Nov 23, 2018


    This year, Carers Rights Day takes place on Friday 30 November. The day brings organisations together from across the UK, helping carers know their rights and get the help and support they deserve. It does this whilst raising awareness for carers across the UK and the vital contributions that they make.

  • slot machs Las VegasCC Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 Yamaguchi先生 (CC Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 Yamaguchi先生)
    Article: Nov 22, 2018


    The Government has been forced into an embarrassing climbdown as ministers announced they would bring forward curbs to tackle highly addictive fixed-odd betting terminals in the face of considerable opposition from MPs and campaigners.

  • Ruthin School Music violinist (
    Article: Nov 17, 2018


    Music lessons in council maintained schools could be under threat unless the Government covers the cost of the teacher pay rise to include music teachers.

    In the summer the Government announced that it would fully fund the pay rise for all classroom teachers, yet it has since emerged that this will not apply to centrally employed teachers (CETs), the majority of which provide music tuition. These are teachers employed directly by councils.

  • TMay (Lib Dems .org)
    Article: Nov 16, 2018

    Hoist by her own Petard

    By Jon James

    Prime Minister May planted the seeds of her own destruction in July at Chequers.The 'collective agreement' was soon in trouble when two of her Brexiteer cabinet members walked to minimise the damage to their future political careers, cheered on by the very same group of right wing backbenchers who have snapped at the heels of successive Tory leaders and prime ministers for decades over Europe and eventually drove former Prime Minister Cameron to agree to the divisive, binary choice Referendum in 2016.

  • Cllr David Beavan (East Suffolk Lib Dems)
    Article: Nov 12, 2018

    Department for Local Government launches a review of the business rates loophole

    Hot on the heels of the Chancellors Budget, and as reported by the East Suffolk Lib Dems on the 7th November, the Department for Local Government has take up the challenge lead by local Liberal Democrats and has launched a review of a business rates loophole which has allowed the owners of some second homes to register as businesses, claiming their property is available for "holiday accommodation" for part of the year.

  • Poppies (wiki images)
    Article: Nov 10, 2018

    Lest we Forget..

    On Nov. 11, 1918, fighting in World War I came to an end following the signing of an armistice between the Allies and Germany that called for a ceasefire effective at 11 a.m.- it was on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

    The terms of the agreement called for the cessation of fighting along the entire Western Front to begin at precisely 11 am that morning. After over four years of bloody conflict, the Great War was at an end.

  • Budget box
    Article: Nov 7, 2018

    Second Homes Campaign Takes Another Step Forward in the Budget

    As previously reported the Liberal Democrat campaign, to ensure all second home owners pay their fair share of tax, led by our own newly elected District Councillor for Southwold & Reydon David Beavan, has clearly found its way to the Treasury and the matter is now very clearly on the record:

  • National School Meals week
    Article: Nov 5, 2018


    This year, National School Meals Week takes place from Monday 12 to Friday 16 November

    As always it's a great chance for us to re-state our commitment to giving children a free, nutritious, lunch every day at school. By now we all know how popular this is and how it's improving education in our schools.

  • Budget box
    Article: Nov 1, 2018



    Commenting on the 2018 Budget, LGA Liberal Democrat Group Leader Howard Sykes said:

    "We saw nothing to tackle the massive funding crisis facing local police services, or anything of substance to address the gaping holes in our social care and school budgets.

  • Department of Work and Pensions (Open Government Licence
    Article: Oct 29, 2018


    Following the announcement of the delay in the rollout of Universal Credit, Local Government Association (LGA), Democrat Group Leader Cllr Howard Sykes, said: "Finally the Government has listened to the concerns of councils and slowed the implementation of Universal Credit (UC) managed migration.

  • NHS ACT (
    Article: Oct 27, 2018

    Adult social care faces a £3.5 billion funding gap by 2025, just to maintain existing standards of care.

    Between 2015/16 (following the 2015 General Election) and 2019/20 there has been a £600 million reduction to councils' public health grants.

    "The Chancellor should use the Budget to stabilise adult social care in the here and now" said Saxmundham Councillor and former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, James Sandbach following a letter to the Chancellor by leading healthcare groups.

  • New ES Wards (Boundary Commission for England)
    Article: Oct 26, 2018

    New Wards in East Suffolk District Council

    On 23 October 2018 the Boundary Commission for England published final recommendations for future electoral arrangements for East Suffolk Council. They have kindly granted the East Suffolk Lib Dems website permission to use the following image. The first map can be found via the link

  • Ballot Box
    Article: Oct 25, 2018

    Lib Dems submissions win favour from the Boundary Commission for East Suffolk

    The final makeup of the new East Suffolk District Council have been released and submissions by the East Suffolk Party for changes to the proposals affecting Felixstowe and Southwold have won the support of the Boundary Commission.

  • Flagsuk (
    Article: Oct 23, 2018

    Majority of Conservative voters in England would prefer to press ahead with Brexit even if it led to the UK breaking up

    According to research by the Centre on Constitutional Change, which is based at Edinburgh University, Brexit is "dislodging long-held red lines about the [UK] union"

    It says a majority of Conservative voters in England would prefer to press ahead with Brexit even if it led to the UK breaking up

  • Peoples March Oct EU (EU
    Article: Oct 21, 2018

    Nearly 700,000 people attended the march to demand a people's vote on the final terms of any Brexit deal..

    Making it the second largest UK protest this century after the Stop the War demonstration in 2003

    Lib Dem Leader Sir Vince Cable, Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas and MPs from the main political parties together with a wide range of individuals from business, sport and entertainment addressed the crowd in Parliament Square which included members and supporters from East Suffolk Lib Dems. The Leader of the SNP has now added their support for a vote but unsurprisingly there was no sign of the Leader of the Opposition.

  • EU funding
    Article: Oct 19, 2018


    The Government is likely to fail to invest almost £1 billion in local communities through the European Social Fund (ESF) risking the money being sent back to Brussels, with the deadline for the money to be spent fast approaching.

    Article: Oct 16, 2018

    October 17th -The World Day for Eradicating Poverty

    The 2018 theme - Coming together with those furthest behind to build an inclusive world of universal respect for human rights and dignity

    This year marks the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is important to recall the fundamental connection between extreme poverty and human rights, and that people living in poverty are disproportionately affected by many human rights violation

  • Budget Cuts
    Article: Oct 12, 2018

    SCC predicts financial shortfall with further cuts to come

    Far from an end to austerity as our Prime Minister claims, local authorities are facing yet more stringent cuts to funding putting vital services at real risk

    Suffolk County Council admitted that it is not managing to control spending against the budget agreed by councillors in February 2018. Projections show the council will overspend by £8.6 million this financial year unless it is successful in reducing costs and making savings between now and 31 March 2019. This would mean that the council would have to dip into its reserves to balance the books.

  • Peoples vote Lib (Lib
    Article: Oct 9, 2018


    On Saturday 20th October, the Liberal Democrats are marching for our future in the EU, and the East Suffolk local party will be there.

    The Liberal Democrats are the only political party that backs a vote for the British public to have the final say on Theresa May's Brexit deal - with an option to Remain in the EU.

  • sexual health (wickipedia)
    Article: Oct 8, 2018


    Record demand for sexual health services in England has seen visits to clinics reach 3.3 million a year, putting the system under huge pressure and leaving people facing longer waits for appointments, council leaders warn.

    Article: Oct 5, 2018

    This year World Mental Health Day takes place on Wednesday 10 October and focuses on the pressures young people face in a changing world.

    This year's World Mental Health Day focuses on young people in a changing world. Half of all mental illness begins by the age of 14, but most cases go undetected and untreated. Depression is one of the most common diseases in teenagers and suicide is the leading cause of death for people between 5-19 years old

  • Affordable Housing
    Article: Oct 3, 2018

    Just two weeks after the Liberal Democrat Conference in Brighton called for the removal of the cap on local authority borrowing the Prime Minister announced that the housing revenue account borrowing cap will be scrapped.

    Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable

    We are pleased to see the Prime Minister finally lift the borrowing cap on councils so they can build houses, a policy I and my Liberal Democrat colleagues pushed for in coalition.

  • Anti Brexit bus Anne and Merlene
    Article: Oct 1, 2018

    Deal or No Deal - time to end this madness and return to the people

    by Jon James

    Without a deal with the European Union, the UK would move from seamless trade with our biggest trading partner to customs arrangements set by the World Trade Organisation with no preferential deals.

    Its not just UK business that will be affected. Forty years of treaties, agreements and partnership arrangements will come to an end covering almost every aspect of our daily life. Replicating regulatory frameworks, relabelling virtually everything that moves and renegotiating access with EU states will take months and possibly years. The International Monetary Fund said Britain's economy would suffer "substantial costs" should it leave the EU without a deal.

  • 2018 sodem postcards from 48%
    Article: Sep 29, 2018

    The madness that is Brexit:

    Brexiteers still claim its Operation Fear, nothing has changed ...

    EU27 ministers choose Paris as the new location for the European Banking Authority (EBA) and Amsterdam for the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

    As Brexit hurtles towards an end game which is unlikely to satisfy anyone, it is important to acknowledge that decisions have already been taken which will impact the UK economy, jobs and services. The scale of the changes about to hit the UK are of such a magnitude that many are still choosing to ignore, challenge or face the consequences of the 2016 referendum. Operation Fear? - well many Brexit decisions have already been taken by UK business unwillingly to wait any longer for these shambolic negotiations to be concluded. Some have already been actioned. Old news maybe, but EU ministers have voted on where to move the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which currently employs over 900 people in London. Amsterdam will be the new host of the agency, which will move after Britain leaves the EU. The EMA is responsible for the scientific evaluation, supervision and safety monitoring of all medicines marketed in the EU's single market. It's not just the jobs that will move but the agency attracts an estimated 36,000 scientists, pharmaceutical representatives bringing high spending visitors to conferences and events in London each year. Britain not only loses the Agency but must pay for moving it from London after Brexit and the bill has soared to a staggering £520m.

  • Libraries Week (ALDC)
    Article: Sep 28, 2018

    Libraries Week takes place between the 8th and 13th October to celebrate our country's libraries.

    Libraries mean a lot to the communities we serve as Liberal Democrats. That's why we want to highlight Libraries Week to you.

    This year Libraries Week takes place between Monday 8 to Sunday 13 October and focuses on how libraries improve well-being. Libraries are very important to our area, helping to bring our community together. That's why Libraries Week is focusing on how our libraries help with personal well-being. Libraries don't just give us free access to our favourite author's and magazine subscriptions they do much much more - bringing communities together, fighting loneliness, and supporting people with their mental health by providing a safe space.

  • William Rennie
    Article: Sep 28, 2018

    Southwold & Reydon Liberal Democrats were awarded the runners up prize in the Best By-Election category in the Association of Liberal Councillors (ALDC) Annual Awards.

    The awards, sponsored by Election Workshop and presented by Willie Rennie MSP, were revealed during the ALDC AGM at Autumn Conference in Brighton.

  • Andrew Turner (East Suffolk Lib Dems)
    Article: Sep 21, 2018

    LIB DEMS retain second place with 40% of the vote in the WENHASTON & WESTLETON BY-election

    ANDREW TURNER misses out by 91

    Congratulations to Andrew Turner and his team of supporters for achieving a fine result in what was a very short election campaign conveniently timed to take place during the Lib Dem Party Conference at Brighton.

  • David Beavan speaks to Brighton Conference (East Suffolk Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Sep 20, 2018


    It was a busy week for new Lib Dem Councillor David Beavan. On Monday he summated an amendment to the Party's debate at the Brighton Conference on Affordable Homes and raised the issue for which he has campaigned long and hard -the closure of the tax loophole on second homes. On Tuesday he was back in the Waveney Council Chamber to speak up against the plans for the St Felix School site in Reydon, near Southwold and add his support to the Campaign Group RAGE who are attempting to stop the sale of school land to allow 69 houses to be built.

  • Tom Brake, Lib Dem spokesperson for Europe, addresses the crowd
    Article: Sep 11, 2018

    The Emergency Motion on Europe be debated on Monday 15th September at 10am which we were unable to preview earlier has now been published.

    In view of its significance and wide scale interest we are publishing it in full as follows:

    F24 Europe Motion: Stopping Brexit

    Proposer: Summation: Submitted by: Rt Hon Tom Brake MP (Spokesperson on Brexit and International Trade) Wera Hobhouse MP (Spokesperson on Communities and Local Government) 14 Party Members

  • 2018 Conference cover
    Article: Sep 11, 2018

    Annual Conference - Brighton 15-18 September 2018 Liberal Democrats - DEMAND BETTER

    In the final part of the Federal Conference preview, we take a look at the programme and agenda for the events at Brighton on Tuesday.

    DAY FOUR - TUESday 18th September

    Last day at Conference, bags are packed, hotels and B&Bs are vacated and everyone prepares for a short agenda culminating in Vince's speech before setting off for home.

  • HGV lorries are banned from driving through Yalding
    Article: Sep 10, 2018

    Councils need tougher powers to deal with heavy haulage road rogues.

    Tough new powers are needed for town halls to tackle lorry drivers who ignore weight restrictions, bringing chaos to the nation's villages and roads, local Liberal Democrats are saying.

    Lorries of a certain weight, height or width are banned from many minor roads but the police, whilst doing all they can, do not always have the resources to enforce the restrictions.

  • Article: Sep 7, 2018

    Brexit - one that you may have missed...

    East Suffolk Lib Dems recognise that our discerning readers have access to a wide range of political news and comment including blogs from those at the very centre of our Party including our own County Councillor Caroline Page who is keeping up the pressure over the Melton Hill development in Woodbridge. Many will be subscribers to Lib Dem Blogger Mark Pack's highly recommended Newswire and will be receiving his regular updates.

  • 2018 Conference cover
    Article: Sep 6, 2018

    Annual Conference - Brighton 15-18 September 2018 Liberal Democrats - DEMAND BETTER

    In the fourth and penultimate part of the Federal Conference preview, we take a look at the programme and agenda for the events at Brighton on Monday.

    DAY Three - monday 17th September

    Conference hits the ground running at the start of Day 3 with a motion on affordable housing.

  • EU Remainer's Diary
    Article: Sep 5, 2018

    PROMISES, PROMISES, PROMISES - the harsh reality of the labcon Brexit

    by Jon James

    The 'blustering Brexiteers' were cavalier with their promises to the public. As the reality dawned and the wheels of the bus started to fall off, one or two* started to secure their own escape routes, future homes and investments in other European countries and the blame game began.

  • 2018 Conference cover
    Article: Aug 31, 2018

    Annual Conference - Brighton 15-18 September 2018 Liberal Democrats - DEMAND BETTER

    In the third part of the review of the programme and agenda for the forthcoming Brighton Conference, we are looking at the Sunday events.

    DAY TWO - SuNday 16th September

    Far from being a rest day, Sunday is probably the busiest at Conference especially for those with a just weekend pass, packing in as much as they can.

  • School Places
    Article: Aug 29, 2018

    More than 123,000 children and their families have spent their school holiday homeless, an increase of around 53,000 since the summer holidays of 2011, councils reveal today.

    The Local Government Association (LGA) is today warning that the numbers of homeless children that councils are housing in temporary accommodation has increased by 76 per cent in the last seven years

  • 2018 Conference cover
    Article: Aug 28, 2018

    Annual Conference - Brighton 15-18 September 2018 Liberal Democrats - DEMAND BETTER

    In the second part of the review of the programme and agenda for the forthcoming Brighton Conference, we are looking at the Saturday afternoon and evening events.

    DAY ONE - Saturday 15th September, Part 2

    Saturday afternoon Conference epitomises what the Liberal Democrats are all about as it opens with three consultative sessions organised by Party Working Groups providing a less formal platform for party reps and members to participate in policy making. The conclusions from these sessions will be taken into account when drawing up the following working group's final recommendations.

  • 2018 Conference cover
    Article: Aug 23, 2018

    Annual Conference - Brighton 15-18 September 2018 Liberal Democrats - DEMAND BETTER

    Over the next three weeks we will be reviewing the programme and agenda for the forthcoming Brighton Conference, highlighting the policy motions to be debated, keynote speeches and the fringe and training events.

    DAY ONE - Saturday 15th September, Part 1

  • Andrew Turner (East Suffolk Lib Dems)
    Article: Aug 21, 2018

    Andrew Turner

    Lib Dem Candidate for Wenhaston & Westleton By-Election

    Thursday 20th September 2018

    Andrew Turner has been nominated as the Lib Dems candidate in the forthcoming Suffolk Coastal District Council By-Election.

    Andrew is supporting recently elected District Councillor for Southwold & Reydon, David Beavan's high profile campaign to secure a fairer rating and taxation system for second homes and for more affordable housing for local people. He is opposed to the District Council's plans to replace the current Wehaston and Westleton Ward with one covering 19 communities and a loss in accountability. He was the runner up to the Conservative in the contest for a District Council seat in May 2015 and is campaigning hard to win the seat in advance of the planned merger of the two Councils in 2019.

    Article: Aug 17, 2018


    The Local Government Association, with cross party support, has launched a nationwide consultation to kick-start a desperately-needed debate on how to pay for adult social care and rescue the services caring for older and disabled people from collapse following the Government's failure to act.

  • 2018 Conference cover
    Article: Aug 15, 2018

    Lib Dems Brighton Conference - Demand Better

    Saturday 15th to Tuesday 18th September 2018 - Brighton Centre

    The Agenda and programme for the Party's Autumn Conference has been published and over the coming days and weeks we will review some of the Agenda for our readers.

    Members can still pre-register for this Conference at

  • Recycling image
    Article: Aug 14, 2018

    Manufacturers must scrap the "smorgasbord" of plastics which are used in packaging for key foods so that councils can reduce waste sent to landfill and increase recycling, Lib Dems are warning.

    Analysis from the Local Government Association suggests that only a third of plastic used by households is able to be recycled. It found 525,000 tonnes of plastic pots, tubs and trays are used by households a year but just 169,145 tonnes of this waste is able to be recycled.