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'Oven-Ready' Deal burnt to a crisp so we all will be left to pick up the pieces

December 11, 2020 7:00 PM

What we knew all along - Emperor wears no clothes in the final days of Brexit Reckless no-deal Brexit ()

Mythical Sovereignty to trump Jobs and Food supplies as an 'Aussie Rules Deal' beckons

As the end game in the four year Brexit saga approaches its final days; true to form, Blustering Boris has apparently unsucessfully attempted to divide the EU 27 with a final, rebuffed and desperate phone call to the French and German leaders to circuit the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Never despair, as that didnt work, we learn through the usual smoke and mirrors that we will get a Deal with EU after all - just like Australia.

Health Warning - Beware of snake-oil salesmen' suggesting a deal is not necessary.

Australia, has no comprehensive trade deal with the EU, leaving its trade mostly subject to tariffs and has only a fraction of Britain's trade with Europe.

In this less than edifying period in our history we are all being dragged along the final furlong of Boris's race to the bottom with only the prospect of the thinnest 'Deal' hanging by a thread. In what will be one of many attempts to 'shut the stable door', Boris's supine incompetents are sent out to reveal that the 'oven ready deal' bandied about to hoover up votes from the Brexit weary, was only meant to refer to the Withdrawal Agreement -an Agreement under assault by the international law breakers with their Internal Markets Bill designed to forced the EU's hand. Roundly condemned, it badly misfired leaving behind a clear signal that 'global' Britain cannot be trusted to honour their agreements.

Alistair Campbell writing in this week's New European Orwell and Johnson's 'oven-ready' nonsense sums up the situation neatly:

'There have been so many lies, so many broken promises, it is genuinely hard, as with Trump, to keep track of them....

His 'top ten of the hundreds of broken promises left lying in the wake of this disaster' are:

  • 1. Exact same benefits as we have in the single market and the customs union.
  • 2. Trade deals galore ready to sign the day we leave
  • 3. No threat to the integrity of the Union, no change to the border in Ireland
  • 4. No risk to security co-operation
  • 5. More money for the NHS as a result of leaving
  • 6. All rights protected
  • 7. No chaos in ports and borders
  • 8. End to austerity
  • 9. Massive boost to employment
  • 10. Less red tape

Jobs and Food - post Brexit

Meanwhile Britain's unemployment rate rises to 4.8%, with employers laying off a record number of staff and the Bank of England forecasting a jobless rate of nearly 8% by the middle of next year.

Nothing quite so nimble footed however than a Brexiteer! LONDON (Reuters) report that prominent Brexit supporter and billionaire Jim Ratcliffe's Ineos will manufacture its first car in France after a deal to take over a site run by Germany's Daimler, ditching plans to build a factory in Britain as COVID-19 disrupts the automotive industry. In September 2019, he reportedly said, in what was seen as a major boost to the British car sector hit by uncertainty since 2016 that his company would build the Grenadier off-roader in Bridgend, creating up to 500 jobs. The planned location in South Wales was close to a Ford engine plant which shut earlier this year, with the loss of some 1,700 jobs.

On Friday, Britain's retail industry repeated a warning that shoppers face higher food prices from next year if new tariffs are imposed in the absence of an agreement. Without a tariff-free deal, supermarkets and their customers face over 3 billion pounds in tariffs from 2021. Four-fifths of UK food imports come from the EU said Andrew Opie, director of food and sustainability at the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Meanwhile, new figures released today by the Trussell Trust, which runs more than 1,300 food bank centres across Britain revealed that 2,600 emergency food parcels were provided for children every day on average by food banks in the Trust's network during the first six months of the pandemic.

More than 1.2 million emergency food parcels were given to people struggling to afford essentials by food banks in the Trussell Trust's UK-wide network between 1st April and 30th September 2020, making it the busiest ever half-year period for food banks; over 470,000 of these parcels went to children.

One of the biggests hits from a 'no deal Brexit' and tariffs will be British agriculture, especially sheep farming.

Liberal Democrats are fighting to stop the Government from undermining British Farmers.

Lib Dems say that the Conservatives have continually promised to back British farmers throughout the Brexit process, but their failure to uphold our high food standards reveals just how hollow those promises were. Farmers across the country are incredibly worried about the future - they're worried that the UK is about to be flooded with poor quality food and drink, undercutting their high quality produce.

The Liberal Democrats will continue to stand up for our farmers. If the Government doesn't protect our food standards, they will only sow more uncertainty and worry for our farming industry.

We strongly believe that our high agricultural standards must be protected in international trade deals and after the transition period.

The Conservatives voted against protecting our farmers and food standards last week, bringing us a step closer to this worrying reality.

Our high agricultural standards must be protected in international trade deals and after the transition period.

Liberal Democrat Peers will be fighting to stop the Government from undermining British Farmers.

Our Lib Dem Peers will be fighting for a National Food Strategy, better climate policies and to give the Trade Commission teeth with statutory footing and the ability to report on the agricultural and food impacts of every international trade agreement.


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Brexiteer Ratcliffe's Ineos drops Wales for France to build new car

By Costas Pitas editing by Sarah Young, Elizabeth Piper and John Stonestree

Reuters 10/12 Britain's retail industry warn that shoppers face higher food prices from next year

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Trussell Trust More than 1.2 million emergency food parcels were given to people struggling to afford essentials by food banks

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