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These two men are not the Country's only choice

December 8, 2019 4:15 PM


The choice according to the BBC, ITV, the Tory and Labour press

UCA GE Debate 1If voters were expecting some sudden enlightenment from the BBC's version of a political Leaders Debate between a Pro Brexit and an Undecided Brexit candidate then they must still be scratching their heads or looking up a contact for the Beebs 'Watchdog' programme to expose a political con trick. It was hardly riveting and Presidential it most definitely was not.

It is little wonder that both the Tory and Labour parties don't want any change to the status quo and the electoral voting system when they can demand and expect maximum air time from our broadcasters and press. Johnson's decision to avoid the C4 debate and Andrew Neil scrutiny may yet turn out to be a game changer in the longer term as broadcasters come to realise that you can't trust a man who tells lies for a living and more and more voters drop their allegiances to these two old parties.

Friday's boring and tired debate proved yet again that Jo Swinson should have been on stage to hold these two men to account. The strongest party of Remain was not given a voice on stage and neither of the two, so called leaders have any credible plan to take our country forwards, both choosing to gamble with our future and 'winging it' on fantasy economics.

So what if anything did we learn from this exposure?

Boris Johnson demeans the office he holdsConservatives and Boris Johnson

  • Boris Johnson continued to morph into Donald Trump as he lied through his teeth throughout Friday's debate. Not least claiming that a year is "ample time" to secure a trade deal with the EU. It is only the Liberal Democrats who will stop Brexit and save our economy.

  • Johnson desperately wants a majority to force through his damaging Brexit deal. But it is only the Liberal Democrats who can take tory seats and deprive him of his majority.

  • Boris Johnson claims his party is united but this is because he has purged any moderate voices from the Conservatives and left the Tories as the Brexit Party, in the pocket of Farage and Trump.

  • Johnson once again resorted to dog-whistle lies as he claimed that leaving the EU is the only way to control immigration. This is patently untrue.

  • Boris Johnson only cares about himself and would put our NHS and rights up for sale to the highest bidder in exchange for the keys to number 10.

Jeremy CorbynLabour and Jeremy Corbyn

  • Corbyn talks about building a fairer society and rebuilding public services. But he still wants to pursue a damaging Brexit which will leave our country poorer and more unequal.

  • Corbyn's inability to take a stand on the biggest issue facing our generation is a total dereliction of duty and proves he cannot be trusted to protect our economy.

  • Jeremy Corbyn has made it clear that he wants to take our country back to the 1970s with a long wish list of pledges that cannot all be delivered. He claims that all his pledges have been costed. Why then are the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) labelled their manifesto commitments as 'simply not credible'.

These two individuals have proved throughout their political lives to be 'not fit for purpose' and they and their parties are set course for further instability, uncertainty and chaos through their determination to pursue fantasy economics and their wild promises to renegotiate stage 1 of Britain's departure from the European Union or negotiate a trade deal with the EU in 11 months and another potential 'No Deal' cliff edge..

Voters should treat their utterances with a very large pinch of salt. Many of their pledges and promises have started to unravel already and some should carry a Public Health Warning. The Brexit psycho-drama foisted upon the country by the Tory Party in 2016 has led to three years of stagnation, division and national embarrassment. Except for extreme Brexiteers and their backers; some of whom are relishing an unregulated economy, few believe that Britain will be better off outside the EU. The country faces many years of economic uncertainty, the potential breakup of the Union, an endangered peace process in Northern Ireland and deregulation impacting what we buy and consume, who we trade with.

What is certain is that the country will be poorer economically, socially and culturally. Openness and transparency will be replaced by barriers and isolation. Protections will be sidelined by deregulation and deemed unnecessary by misrepresentation. Security endangered by systems breakdown and diminishing international cooperation. Brexit will not deliver for the farmers, the fishermen, for business, for students and young people. What we can be sure of is that those that are especially vulnerable and depend upon Britain being a prosperous nation to deliver the public services will find themselves pushed further back in the queue.

Far from being a 'one nation' party or 'for the many', Johnson and Corbyn governments will not heal the divisions that both have been partly responsible for. Neither individual is fit to lead our country for the next five years.

Voters who supported Remaining in the EU, marched through our cities and campaigned for their children's future should not now reward the same individuals that are still prepared to take us to the No Deal cliff edge with lies, broken promises and misinformation nor those who have sat on their hands and failed, time after time to vote for a Peoples Vote and now at the twelve hour still cannot declare which side of the fence they sit on.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party at this election putting forward a credible economic plan to build a brighter future. That starts with staying in the EU - any form of Brexit, whether red or blue, will make Britain's economy weaker and people poorer. The more MPs and votes the Liberal Democrats receive will help to ensure that the Party can resist the extremes offered by the tories and labour. Say no to isolationism, nationalism, barriers and tariffs.

Say yes to common sense, cooperation, internationalism, openness and transparency and secure a brighter future for future generations.

Sources: Jon James, East Suffolk Liberal Democrats

Lib Dems .org

Keep Calm and Vote Lib Dem