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Who is supporting the Lib Dems in this election

December 4, 2019 4:00 PM

Traditional political allegiances are fragmenting and new alliances are forming - The main reason is Brexit

The UK faces years of ongoing negotiations over our future trade and relationship with Europe and he rest of the world


So who is supporting the Lib Dems this time?

Former Conservative Minister of State for Trade, Tim Sainsbury, is backing the Liberal Democrats this time. Writing for The Times, he in particular highlights the damage that leaving the single market will do to Britain:

In 1993 I was minister responsible for the UK's trade policy when the single market - a British idea - came into effect. The Common Market had already done away with tariffs. The single market accelerated exchange, as well as growth, by harmonising rules and regulations, making it possible for a lorry to load in Birmingham and transport goods to Berlin, Bucharest or Barcelona - and likewise for goods to reach the UK.

Trade within the single market removed the need to fill in forms and removed checks at borders, which result in delays and higher costs. It is estimated that membership of the single market saves British businesses from filling in three million forms a year…

The recklessness of the aims of those seeking a hard or no-deal Brexit, combined with fiscal irresponsibility, a lack of honesty about the implications for workers and jobs in the UK, and a disregard for truth and accuracy displayed by the prime minister and some of those around him have led me to conclude, reluctantly, that I cannot support the Conservative Party at this election. As resident in the Kensington constituency, he will therefore be voting for Sam Gyimah.

The former Conservative MP for Esher and Walton, which is now represented by Dominic Raab, is urging people to vote for the Liberal Democrat candidate, Monica Harding. Former MP Ian ColinTaylor says Brexit has scrambled traditional party allegiances and loyalties. 'Brexit will seriously damage and fragment the UK. My Independent friends need massive backing In my former constituency is worthy of support.

Following-up her stance in the European elections, Julie Girling, the then MEP for the South West who quit the Conservatives, has tweeted about voting Liberal Democrat in the general election: In backing the Liberal Democrats in the general election, Julie Girling joins many other former Conservatives put off by Boris Johnson's extremism and by Brexit.

Conservative Baroness Patience Wheatcroft has joined local members out campaigning in Paddington and endorsed Chuka Umunna in the Cities of London & Westminster. Baroness Wheatcroft is a former Editor of The Sunday Telegraph, and a former Editor of the The Wall Street Journal Europe.

Commenting when canvassing with Chuka Umunna and Caroline Pidgeon AM near Paddington Station, Baroness Wheatcroft said: "I have previously supported the Conservatives but could not possibly do so at this General Election. The party no longer represents my values, whereas Chuka is pro-enterprise, pro-European, and has liberal, internationalist views which chime with our community here and what I believe. "We need someone who will work to stop Boris Johnson's Brexit and, in leaving Labour, Chuka has shown he will never facilitate Jeremy Corbyn entering Downing Street. That is why I am supporting him and the Liberal Democrats in Westminster."

Former Conservative minister Nick Boles today announced he will vote for the Liberal Democrats and urged voters to back anyone but the "appalling choice" between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. Mr Boles, who resigned the Conservative whip over Brexit, claimed voters "wouldn't trust either of the Prime Ministerial candidates to mind your children for an hour let alone run the country".

1000 words - wide

Following his support for the Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament elections, former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine is now urging people to vote Lib Dem or independent at the general election. The former deputy prime minister said Mr Johnson was selling voters a "grand delusion" that he could deliver Brexit by the end of January…

and former Conservative MP Matthew Parris is also switching over to the Lib Dems:


Greg Dyke, the broadcaster and former Director-General of the BBC is endorsing the Liberal Democrats in the General Election: Greg Dyke wikipedia (wiki images). This is the most important general election in living memory. As a staunch remainer I'll be supporting the Liberal Democrats partly because they are the leading anti-Brexit party but also because they have a progressive, centre-left, business friendly agenda. There is no way in a million years I could bring myself to support a party led by Boris Johnson, a man no-one should trust, or a party led by Jeremy Corbyn, a lifelong anti-European pretending he's not. This is our last chance to stay in the EU.

Alistair CampbellAlastair Campbell was out canvassing for Luciana Berger and Chuka Umunna ACampbellLucia B LDV twitter (F&GG LDs Twitter)

Former Thurrock MP until 2010 Andrew Mackinlay plans to vote Lib Dem

CHugh GrantChukaU LDV twitter (CityOW LDs Twitter)@HackedOffHugh⁩ actor Hugh Grant was out speaking in support of ⁦@lucianaberger⁩ to be elected as #LibDem MP for Finchley & Golders Green, on basis of #Remain and Luciana's courage & principles. Hugh Grant was also out supporting Chuka Umunna this week

Dan Snow wiki images (wiki image)

It is not only former Conservatives and Labourites backing the Liberal Democrats, long-time electoral reform supporter Dan Snow is also picking the Lib Dems to support.


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