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The fight to stop Brexit is far from over - What others think

October 18, 2019 2:00 PM

Boris Johnson announced yesterday that he has agreed a Brexit deal with the EU. But the fight to stop Brexit is far from over. If the Johnson deal passes the UK is heading for 'fairly hard' Brexit.

Jo Swinson quoteLib Dem Leader Jo Swinson MP said, The proposed deal will be bad for our economy, bad for our public services and bad for environmental standards. Just like every version of Brexit, this is a bad deal. Johnson's deal is nowhere near as good as the deal we have now, as a member of the EU. That is why I am more determined than ever to stop Brexit. That is why Liberal Democrats will be arguing that any deal should go back to the public in a People's Vote.

And then will we campaign to remain in the EU.

JOIN THE MARCH FOR A PEOPLE'S VOTE ON SATURDAY 19TH People's vote march 23rd March 2019

The Lib Dems will be marching in support of a People's Vote with the very clear aim to stop Brexit.

We will be meeting at 11 am at the Duke of Wellington Memorial Statue at Hyde Park Corner.

UK heading for 'fairly hard' Brexit

According to LONDON (Reuters) David Milliken, Mark John. Britain will be on course for more distant economic ties with the European Union, making the country poorer, if Prime Minister Boris Johnson wins parliamentary backing for the Brexit deal he clinched with Brussels on Thursday. Compared with the deal his predecessor Theresa May reached last year - which parliament rejected three times - Johnson's deal aims for less regulatory alignment with the EU, and greater trade barriers between Britain and its largest trading partner.

lan rusbridger @arusbridger

We didn't win two world wars to become a nasty, arrogant, bigoted, isolationist country that forgot the lessons of history as well as the cost of winning and sustaining peace

Andrew Adonis

What's wrong with the deal? It undermines free trade. It withdraws citizenship rights from the next generation. It will probably end the unions with Scotland & Northern Ireland. It threatens peace & security in Europe

Just about everything

Frances O'Grady @FrancesOGrady (TUC Gen Sec)

This deal would be a disaster for working people. It would hammer the economy, cost jobs and sell workers' rights down the river.

Boris Johnson has negotiated an even worse deal than Theresa May. All MPs should vote against it.

Alastair PEOPLE'S VOTE Campbell @campbellclaret

ERG backing @BorisJohnson deal because he has made clear to them it keeps No Deal on the table. We are dealing with NI split off then hardest Brexit or no deal down the line. No progressive MP could possibly support this.

Jon Snow @jonsnowC4

Interesting opposition to Boris Johnson's EU exit deal:

Joint Statement from The Bow Group, The Bruges Group & Fishing for Leave - "We oppose this deal and call on MPs to vote against it"


Sam Gyimah MP @SamGyimah

Wake up. If the deal passes then the politics of Q1/2 next year will be all about whether to extend the transition. This has to be done by July + will cost. Johnson will not do this. Failure to extend guarantees WTO terms on 31/12/20 as No FTA could be negotiated by then.


Layla Moran MP @LaylaMoran

If this 'sell-out Tory deal' passes off the back of Lab votes, that will not be forgotten. Especially by remainers and younger generations. Labour become handmaidens to a damaging Tory Brexit 2/3

The Economist @TheEconomist

The new #BrexitDeal is economically worse for Britain than the one negotiated by Theresa May last year

Financial Times @FinancialTimes

The deal that Boris Johnson is seeking to strike with Brussels this week would push the UK down the route of a hard Brexit, resulting in the nation missing out on up to 7 per cent of growth, according to new estimates from UK in a Changing Europe.


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