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Less than one in ten can name the Liberal Democrat leadership candidates

July 5, 2019 11:00 PM

Less than one in ten can name the Liberal Democrat leadership candidates

Jo Swinson MP and Ed Davey MP at NW Leadership Hustings

According to a recent YouGov poll the vast majority of Lib Dem voters couldn't identify the two Liberal Democrats candidates standing for election as the new party leader.

The Lib Dems have certainly been getting a significant increase in TV and radio coverage of late even if the partisan press continue to pretend that the Party doesn't exist. Since the Party has been seen hitting 20% and more in the national opinion polls following big advances in the local and European Parliament elections, the national and regional media spotlight may be about to start turning to the next Liberal Democrat leader. Unsurprising the Conservative leadership contest is absorbing all the media oxygen but a the recent YouGov poll says the new Lib Dem leader 'could still have a substantial impact on politics over the coming years.. Despite this, just a tiny fraction of the public can identify the two candidates to be leader'.

In their most recent poll, rather than just asking people if they had heard of the two Lib Dem leadership candidates, YouGov showed them a picture of each and asked them to write in the name of the politician.

In total, just 8% of the public could identify front runner Jo Swinson, and just 6% could identify Ed Davey Jo Swinson and Ed Davey

Just one in five (20%) were able to correctly name Jo Swinson

and 12% able to correctly name Ed Davey.

As YouGov says, 'This just goes to show that one of the big challenges for the Lib Dem leader will be to firmly place themselves into the ongoing political debate when the focus is often elsewhere'.

Source: YouGov Chris Curtis Political Research Manager

See the full results here.