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June 18, 2019 2:00 PM


By Jon James

With little sign that any of the Tory candidates for PM have any more idea of how to resolve the destructive, self inflicted trauma that is Brexit than the retiring incumbent, the public is forced to sit on the sidelines as the tories indulge in their own internecine warfare to choose a new Leader.

The Guardian Television Guide review by AJC for the first public TV debate on Channel 4 with Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Sunday summed up the situation perfectly.

'That the UK is bound for hell in a hand assisted vehicle, there is little doubt. All that remains is to discover which of these escapees from Pandora's box will taxi us there; a more wretched collection of dissemblers, idiots, narcissists and people who have mistakenly taken drugs is difficult to imagine under one studio roof but here we are...'

Tonight, the BBC is hoping the 'handlers' of the former sacked Foreign Secretary will release the mini-Trump from his hiding place to highlight his credentials as a former London Mayor. We thought that as you watch or reflect on the man who will surely be bounced into Office on 24th July and have his hand on the UK's nuclear arsenal we would remind you of his record as Mayor. His record as our Chief Diplomat is still too recent and painful to spell out at this time but his numerous insults, gaffes and faux pas will surely lay in wait for him.

Meanwhile the rest of us are helpless to prevent this apparent race to the bottom and a UK P.M. unfit for office. If we yearn for a return to stability, fairness and a safe pair of hands at home, the ability to hold our heads up high on the world stage, a reputation for honesty and integrity in our international relations and honoring our agreements, then the situation in the short term looks decidedly bleak. Those of us who continue to strive for a society that is fair, free and open will continue to uphold the values which have brought us into politics and fight against the growing forces of nationalism and populism in the western world.

THE FRONT RUNNER - Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson [Boris Johnson]

Boris Johnson's broken promises as London Mayor

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